Wader Spectacular, Yoga and Nutrition Wellness Retreat

  • Mon 17th - Thu 20th Apr 2023
  • 11:30am - 10:00am
  • Hunstanton
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Wader Spectacular, Yoga and Nutrition Wellness Retreat

A three-day nature connection and wellness retreat enjoying the uplifting benefits of birdwatching; the yogic techniques of sun salutation, pranayama and cacao meditation; walking; coastal foraging and eating locally sourced, healthy food for both physical and mental health.

The Whirling Wader Experience is the highlight of this three-day residential retreat, but the following days are no less spectacular. Each day you'll walk over 15,000 steps on guided bird watching walks along the North Norfolk Coast Path, do outdoor yoga in breath-taking locations, and enjoy full catering from Superfood Supperclub at our seaside retreat accommodation.

You'll glow yourself as you notice how much more wildlife you see during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset, and being April hear a fantastic dawn chorus of booming bittern, pinging bearded tits, cuckoos, purring turtle doves and migrant warblers singing their hearts out. We'll show you a wide range of the birds this special place offers including displaying warblers, marsh harriers, turtle doves, barn owls and keep our eyes peeled for a passing ringed ouzel, or wryneck, if we are lucky. Mammal lovers are in for fun too; slinky stoats steals eggs from ground-nesting birds, rabbit kits play around tenor burrows, seals bathe on sandy banks and hares course through field edges.

Most of your meals will be prepared by Superfood SupperClub at The Retreat using locally sourced delights, as well as utilising some foraged ingredients from our walks, with an opportunity to support recommended local businesses too.

You'll leave this retreat re-energised, replenished and restored with new skills to help you maintain and develop your own wellness practice through nature connection.

Your guide has worked as a bird conservationist, fitness professional and yoga instructor; studies naturopathic nutrition and foraging; and runs Superfood SupperClub. Following a masters degree which focussed her work on the North Norfolk coast birds she continued to come here as frequently as possible over the next 25 years to watch and photograph its birdlife.

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