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       Is it important to change your car’s oil?

       Abigail Brown
         n short, yes; oil is incredibly important to keeping your car running   and/or seize up.
         safely and smoothly, but many often put this job at the bottom of
       Itheir to-do list. It's easily done — life just gets in the way.      Voided warranty
        However, not changing your oil regularly comes with consequences.   If your car is under warranty, you will have to adhere to manufacturer
       For example:                                        specifications, which should include instructions to change your oil
                                                           regularly. You will also have to use specific oil.
                    Poor engine performance
       Oil is considered the lifeblood of a vehicle, so it makes sense that   How often should the oil be changed?
       regular oil maintenance would have an impact on engine performance.   You can change your oil every 3,000 miles (as some people suggest),
       It keeps the inner workings of your car clean; dirt and debris that builds   however it’s always best to check and adhere to the service interval
       up and moves around with the oil is removed during an oil change,   recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. In fact, lots of new cars
       preventing it from affecting the engine.            have extended service intervals - but these must be adhered to rigidly.
        Oil is there to reduce friction in the engine; if it’s degraded, it does   Both the climate you drive in and your driving style can impact the
       the opposite, meaning the engine has to work harder. Simply put, old   duration between oil changes.
       and contaminated oil does not protect the engine as it should do. Good-  Most cars have some sort of service indicator that will appear on the
       quality, fresh oil in an engine improves its performance. It’s also worth   dashboard and it’s vital that this isn’t ignored - it has appeared for a
       noting that degraded oil can actually cause engine noise as well.   reason!
        The easiest way to understand what happens to your oil if left   In conclusion, although it can be a pain to book your car in for
       unserviced for too long is thinking about it as cooking oil. Imagine   something that may seem insignificant on the face of it, the
       you’re heating oil in a pan on a hob - what happens if you cook it too   ramifications can be costly. It may be worth pushing getting your oil
       hot for too long? It turns nasty and inedible, of course. A similar thing   changed further up your to-do list after all!
       happens with engine oil if not seen to; go too long without getting it   Our technicians are able to access any manufacturer
       changed and it becomes ineffective and harmful to your car.    recommendations and service your car with the approved oil to ensure
                                                           you keep your warranty, and car, intact.
                         Engine failure
       In worst case scenarios, avoiding an oil change could cost you your   Visit for more information,
       car. Ultimately, once oil becomes degraded, it no longer protects the   or contact us in Hunstanton on 01485 533786 or in King’s
       engine. Running like this, the engine will eventually destroy itself   Lynn on 01553 763763 to book your oil change.
       Electric Vehicles - is Norfolk ready?

       Powering ahead with EV charging points.             convenient charge point in the car park behind the theatre.
                                                             And on Guy Martin’s television show (Guy Martin: the World’s
            he Royal College of  Art has been tasked by the UK   Fastest Electic Car) broadcast on 9th August (rather ironically on the
            Government to design a chargepoint that will be functional   same day as the Transport Secretary’s announcement), the 25 mile
       Tand accessible for all electric vehicle users with sustainability   assertion is disputed – at least on the route between Grimsby and John
       at the heart of the design, and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps wants   O’Groats! This programme also revealed that the quality and function
       these to become as recognisable as the red post box or black cab.   of the existing charge points is, at best, variable.
        Due to be unveiled at COP26 in Glasgow this November, it is hoped   If you are considering purchasing and electric vehicle, the
       that this new chargepoint could be seen on streets across the country   Government’s Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) is now only available for
       from 2022.                                          fully electric cars and from March this year the grant was reduced to
        In T&A’s article about electric vehicles (centre pages of the August   £2,500 (previously £3,000) and only applicable to cars up to £35,000
       2021 edition) and online at:                        (previously £50,000).     For homes that have dedicated off-street parking at their property,
       the-torque-of-the-town-or-not-worth-the-energy      the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is a grant that
       we highlighted the  ZapMap app that allows you to discover the exact   provides a 75% contribution to the cost of one chargepoint and its
       location of the charging points nearest to you, by going to www.zap-  installation. A grant cap is set at £350 (including VAT) per installation., typing in your postcode, and see the charging points   This raises the questions:
       on the live map that updates every five minutes and covers 95% of   1. Does the general public have the appetite to switch to electric
       public charge points.                               vehicles now while they remain more expensive to purchase and the
        Statistics from ZapMap reveal there are now over 25,000 public   network and functionality of chargepoints is inadequate - even if they
       charging devices across the UK and it is claimed that electric vehicle   want to do their bit to slow down global warming?
       drivers are never more than 25 miles from a chargepoint on UK roads   2. Rather than relying on manufacturers to establish their discounts
       - essential if drivers of electric vehicles cannot have a home   for trading in an old car for a brand new model, should the
       chargepoint installed. This comes at the same time as recent statistics   Government introduce more attractive financial incentives to
       from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show   encourage people to switch to electric vehicles – perhaps repeating
       that over one in 6 cars sold in July 2021 had a plug.   the scrappage scheme that was introduced in 2009?
        However, here in West Norfolk, whilst filming Springwatch at Wild   And all this at a time when the latest UN report finds that the world
       Ken Hill, Chris Packham bemoaned the fact that it was a challenge   is warming faster than previously estimated.*
       to find charging points for his car – although when he returns to   *
       Norfolk for a show at the Princess Theatre next April he’ll find a  Letters to:
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