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       First word

                                     eptember for many families
                                     is all about new beginnings
                                S-       schools,  colleges,
                                universities, jobs and for some this
                                means moving away from home
                                for the first time. Good luck to
                                everyone starting something new
                                this month; seize the moment and
                                enjoy it all.
                                  Once again the magazine is
                                crammed full of articles and
                                information. My thanks to
                                everyone who has written this
                                month along with our advertisers ,
                                without whom we could not print
                                and distribute to such a wide area.
                                Our diary on page 78 is full of
       things to do and I hope you find something to interest you there.
        On page 22 Colleen Roper, a founder member of
       Future4Fairgrounds, writes about this September being the first World
       Fair Month and there’s also a lot of sports stories to enjoy from Tim
       Keogh. If you have a sports story to tell please contact  Tim at:
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