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       Are self-driving cars safe?

       Abigail Brown
           ully autonomous cars dominating our   electricity, and even the way they drive is   technology is at risk of being hacked.
           roads may seem like a scene from a   beneficial. The BBC states, "They accelerate   Unfortunately, it's a "near-certainty that self-
       Ffuturistic sci-fi film, but we are closer   and brake more smoothly, which ultimately   driving cars will be hacked, too."  The AI
       to this becoming reality than you may wish to   reduces exhaust pipe emissions."    systems  responsible  for  controlling
       believe.                                                             autonomous vehicles are vulnerable to attacks
        Driverless cars have remained a thing of the   Increased accessibility and inde-  that could compromise their function and pose
       distant future for some years, but the        pendence               a risk to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
       Department for Transport (DfT) has said the   Automated vehicles could offer "life-
       first self-driving cars could be ready for use   changing benefits to people with disabilities."   Different road variations
       on UK roads this year.             They would also help older people deemed   While a brand-new dual carriageway may be
        Should we be nervous or excited about this   unsafe to drive ordinary cars on UK roads due   ideal for a driverless vehicle, narrow, winding
       development? There are both pros and cons to   to diminishing eyesight or mobility.    lanes in rural areas, for example, could pose
       consider.                                                            a challenge. Self-driving cars use radar,
       Pros:                              Cons:                             camera and laser-based guidance to navigate
                                                                            different environments safely. Still, the more
             Reduced human error                 Slow-moving traffic        complex the road, the more processing power
       "Algorithms can't get drunk, drowsy or   Research by GreenBiz has indicated that it   is needed to understand it.
       distracted," said the BBC. And, they're right.   could encourage "a lot more driving in the   Do the pros outweigh the cons or vice
       This technology's primary goal is to create   US." A lot more people (as assumed by those   versa? The answer at the moment is unclear -
       safer vehicles than human-driven cars. Self-  who weren't able to drive previously will be   until these vehicles are on the road, we won't
       driving cars will keep a close eye on speed   able to) and longer distances. The first self-  know. However, as a garage, it will
       and maintain a safe distance from other   driving cars may have to remain in the slow   undoubtedly be interesting to learn how to
       moving cars.  The DfT believes these   lane, only reaching up to 37mph while in a   service these automated cars in the future!

       automated cars could improve safety, with   single lane. Until the technology progresses,
       more than 85% of road accidents in the UK   these slow speeds could cause a problem or a   Visit
       caused by human error.             lot of road rage!                 for more motor news and information
                                                                            about our services.
                Fuel efficiency                     Hacking risks           Call us in Hunstanton on 01485 533786
       Driverless vehicles could be better for our   We know from experience with desktop   or King's Lynn on 01553 763763.
       planet. Many models in the making run on   computers and mobile phones that all similar

       Lions donate books and birdboxes to nine West-Norfolk schools

           chool children and their teachers filled Hunstanton Library on   “Since the initial launch of the set, three more have been added so
           Wednesday 14th September where Hunstanton and District   there is now a set of seven with the possibility of another one being
       SLions presented them with sets of books described as the number   added in the future.
       one children’s book series on ocean plastics, climate change and   “Our club is donating a complete set to: Hunstanton, Heacham,
       humans relationship with animals.                   Docking, Brancaster, Snettisham, Sandringham and West Newton,
                                                           Dersingham, Ingoldisthorpe, and Flitcham schools at a cost of £40 a

       Children from Heacham, Snettisham, Sandringham & West Newton,
         Ingoldisthorpe and Flitcham schools with their teachers Louise
         Prosser, Joanna Westmorland, Melanie Gibson, Christine Hall
          and Clare Brice with Lions Paul Southerton, Sharon Noble    Following the presentation by Lions President Sharon Noble, Lion
                          and Jane Scott                   Jane Scott and Paul, there was a further surprise as bird box making
                                                           kits were produced for the youngsters and teachers and their teachers
        Lion Paul Southerton explained: “This is part of a nationwide   to put together and take back to their schools where they can be
       programme; about four years ago Lions Clubs came up with the idea   decorated, installed and then photographed to be entered into a
       of making the set of four books available for pupils in infant and junior   competition with a prize for the best one.
       schools and the content of these was all about protecting the   “These boxes are simple to construct and cost less than £2 to make,”
       environment, which is one of our global causes.     added Paul.
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