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       First word

                                      ello and welcome to the
                                      first issue of  Town and
                                HAround in this new
                                Carolean era. It is also the 17th
                                birthday issue of the magazine.
                                  Pictures of the flowers at
                                Sandringham, memories of our
                                late Queen and the Proclamation
                                of King Charles III, who is
                                pictured on the cover, are in this
                                edition alongside local news and
                                views and regular columns. There
                                was a lot to fit in and I’d like to
                                thank  everyone  who  has
                                contributed items for inclusion.
                                  The October diary has moved to
       page 73 this month, it’s not an exhaustive list and more can be found
       on our website.
        As we went to print the news that Snettisham Primary has been
       praised by Ofsted for its well planned learning environment and
       challenging curriculum reached us. Congratulations to Head Teacher
       Louise Jackson, the staff and especially the children who were
       described as friendly and polite.
        On a personal note, after two postponements because of Covid
       regulations, our family celebrated the marriage of Jack and Rhiannon
       at Sandringham Church on 17th September. The very happy couple
       now begin their new adventure together on Orkney.

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