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       News from The Woottons

       Richard Coates
            ast month I was able to   about a new hospital for King’s   along Wootton Road and Castle
            include a photo of myself   Lynn.              Rising Road, past the King’s Lynn
       Lwith Conservative Party   You can tell when that I wrote   Golf Club, through Castle Rising,
       leadership contender Liz  Truss.   that paragraph: it was in that very   past the almshouses and the now
       For this month, I wanted to   short couple of days between Liz   wooden gate across the private
       include a similar photo of myself   Truss becoming Prime Minister   road. That route used to carry all
       with the other contender Rishi   and the death of our Queen. Just a   the holiday traffic to and from the
       Sunak but I’ve not managed that.   casual mention of “the Queen” as   coast! Sometime, those who have
       My wife and I went to the   we’ve all mentioned her so many   moved to Hunstanton or the many   we had the panels installed. Since
       Norwich husting hoping to get a   times over so many years - but our   villages between there and King’s   then I’ve kept accurate monthly
       photo and I’d emailed in advance,   Queen no more. Very much the   Lynn, might like to try driving the   readings over the past 11 years. So
       asking for 30 seconds with him for   end of an era but an era like no   old route to see what it was like!    if anyone wants to know the actual
       a photo for  Town &  Around   other. 70 years of change, not just   The Borough Council of King’s   figures that they are likely to get in
       magazine but his campaign team   for the Royal Family, not just for   Lynn &  West Norfolk are   The Woottons from solar panels,
       weren’t impressed. We turned up   the country but 70 years of change   launching a new, community led   I’ve got a good starting point. Just
       half an hour early to a full carpark,   for The Woottons. What were The   initiative to help boost renewable   email  me
       some kind of protest outside (we   Woottons like 70 years ago in   energy generation and save on Was
       never did discover what they were   1952? I often think of myself as a   energy bills. The main part is to   that salesman’s 16% prediction
       protesting about although I did see   “new boy” in The Woottons, an   organise a group buying scheme   accurate? For once, the salesman’s
       two or three EU flags amongst the   incomer, yet I realise I’ve lived   for those who want to have solar   prediction was spot on! You can’t
       hand painted signs).  There was   here - in the same house - for   panels fitted to their roof to   get that kind of return these days
       also a large police presence there.   exactly half of the Queen’s reign.   generate free electricity. Why do I   as the “Feed in Tariff” is no longer
       Both candidates spoke well but   Most of the big developments had   mention that in News from The   available but, with today’s high
       then they’d had plenty of practice   already taken place by 1987 when   Woottons?  Well, we had solar   electricity prices, it could well be
       as they’d both done many of these   I came to The Woottons. It was in   panels fitted to our roof here in the   that installing solar panels makes
       hustings before the Norwich one.   the first half of the Queen’s reign   Woottons 11 years ago in the very   better sense than having money in
       With the large numbers there, I   that The Woottons developed to   early days of solar panels when   the bank, particularly if you’re at
       wasn’t able to raise my local   the size it is now. 70 years ago in   hardly anyone knew what they   home during the daytime. Of
       questions. But now that Liz Truss   1952 there were none of the large   were. At that time the salesman   course, the sun shines on  The
       has won the race to be the leader   estates we have now. There was no   suggested a return on our money   Woottons just the same as it does
       of the Conservative Party and the   King’s Lynn by-pass. No Edward   of 16%! I couldn’t accept such a   at Hunstanton and all the villages
       Queen has invited her to form a   Benefer Way. The main road to the   ridiculously high figure but then I   in  West Norfolk so if anyone
       Government, I’ll remind her of the   coast went right through  The   couldn’t find any fault in the   wants my figures, they can contact
       commitments she gave earlier   Woottons. From Gaywood clock,   calculation either, so, in the end,   me.
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