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       Deja Vous

       Jo Rust
       Independent Borough Councillor – Springwood Ward
       Secretary – King’s Lynn and District Trade Unions Council
            ere we go again. Another   One of the few benefits to   Still in a state of limbo I’m afraid.
            month and another health   having a new Prime Minister is   I know the exec team at the
       Hminister promising to    that the plight of our hospital is   hospital are optimistic, but when
       visit the Queen Elizabeth   now making national news. I’ve   we look at the current economic
       Hospital and take a look at the   spoken to both Newsnight and   crisis, something has to be given
       2500 props stopping the roof   ITV about the matter and I   up to try to balance the books and
       from falling in.  Do we really   sincerely hope they do feature a   it could well be our need for a
       need Therese Coffey to come and   story about it as that adds to the   new building.
       take a look?  Can’t her three   pressure to fully fund a new   We’ve already heard from Liz   There were 200 of these
       predecessors tell her how bad it   build.           Truss saying that she can’t make   holding up the QEH in
       is?  Ah well, it’s a good photo   There is a consensus that the   any promises about a new   November 2021,
       opportunity for them I suppose.     only way forward is with a new   hospital  and  that’s  so   500 by May 2022,
        You’ll have seen from my   building, but it’s having that   disappointing, but not at all   2,500 at the time of going to
       figure above, that the number of   political will to fund it that we’re   unexpected.  When she was just a   press and 3000 likely by
       props needed has grown hugely.    waiting for.  Worryingly, budget   constituency MP Liz Truss was   Christmas 2022.
       While we know that the situation   decisions made in the last few   rarely seen in the area. That’s just
       isn’t going to improve, it’s still a   weeks are likely to have an   going to get worse now she’s the   must keep the state of our
       shock to think there are four   adverse impact on the funding for   PM.  But for her constituents, and   hospital in the public eye because
       times more props than there are   the new hospitals programme.    all of us who rely on the NHS, we   it’s only by shaming the
       hospital beds.  And that number   It’s been revealed that the original   need to know what’s going on   government that we can hope to
       is set to grow to about 3000 by   list of forty new hospitals are way   and we must hear soon.  The   get what we need, a brand new
       Christmas.  It must be so   behind  schedule  and  the   reason being is that come 2030,   hospital that is fit for our needs
       worrying for both patients and   additional eight new builds were   our hospital will have to close   now and the future.

       staff.   The thought of the cold   only ever planned to be small   sections of the building and we   Please copy or cut out, sign
       weather on its way and which can   scale units and not full hospitals   will have to lose services due to   and send the letter below left to
       exacerbate the problems just adds   in the sense that we think of   the RAAC planks and the dire   the Secretary of State for
       to that worry.            them.  So where does that leave   state of repair they’re in. So, we   Health, without delay.
                                 those of us who use the QEH?   must keep the pressure up and we

        Secretary of State for Health
        House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

        Save the QEH, King’s Lynn

        Dear Secretary of State for Health,

        I am writing to ask that as a matter of urgency you
        include the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn, on
        the list of hospitals to go forward for full funding for a
        new building.

        I am urging you to make the announcement
        immediately so that our hospital can meet its projected
        timescales and not risk closing some services due to
        the estate reaching the end of its life.

        The current situation is untenable; staff are working in
        a challenging environment and the poor physical estate
        is having a detrimental impact on the confidence that
        patients have in the QEH, as well as impacting on staff
        morale and well-being.

        No more delays - Fully Fund a New Build NOW.

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