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       First word

                                     roducing a magazine that
                                     you want to read is my
                                Pprime objective. I hope you
                                will find the varied content in this
                                issue  both  interesting  and
                                  Nationally,  political events
                                have been rather turbulent recently
                                and the saga of the most propped-
                                up hospital in the country
                                continues (see p 6). With a new
                                chancellor looking to cut future
                                spending some fear the project is
                                at risk. Please add your voice to
                                the campaign now.
                                  Cutting your energy costs is the
       theme of Dean Baker’s Round the Bend article on page 12 and the
       Prudent Pensioner is back with an economic, nutritious soup on p55.
        Based in Heacham, KL1 Radio will be on DAB from this month.
       The team of presenters have been in place since the launch of the
       station two years ago and they promise exciting times ahead. (p52).
        November’s diary can be found on pages 60-61 and there are three
       competitions for you this month. Turn to pages 18, 65 and 76.
        Between editions we publish news stories on our website, do take a
       look at
        My thanks as always to all our contributors.

       With all best wishes,

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