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10 Hunstanton Town & Around May 2016                                       Tel: 01485 533422 email:

       Springing into summer at Drove Orchards Farm Shop

       Drove  Orchards  Farm  Shop  has                                              expanded  their  range  of  crisps,
       had  a  spring  makeover  and  is                                             cakes and biscuits for spring, plus
       laden with old favourites and lots                                            look  out  for  gourmet  popping
       of  new  additions  from  Norfolk                                             corn and seasonings.
       and beyond. As well as wielding                                                 Getting  back  to  basics,  the
       their  paint  brushes,  Tom,  David                                           household  and  toiletry  sections
       and  Christine,  the  Farm  Shop                                              have been expanded so you can
       team,  have  been  busy  sourcing                                             clean  up  after  all  that  cooking!
       (and  sampling)  new  products                                                Look out for Green People natural
       from Norfolk and beyond.                                                      toothpastes, bamboo toothbrush-
         Whether  you’re  looking  for                                               es alongside scourers and staples.
       store cupboard staples or culinary                                              There’s  a  great  selection  of
       inspiration, pet food or fresh cut                                            kindling, logs, coal and charcoal
       flowers, the Farm Shop has got it                                             too,  and  pets  corner  is  packed
       covered.                                                                      with  food  and  treats  for  man’s
         For younger visitors, there’s a                                             best friend, along with bird food.
       new  children’s  section  with                                                  After all that, you’ll probably
       organic  baby  food  from  Ella’s                                             need  a  glass  of  something  cool
       Kitchen, pasta sauces from Little                                             and refreshing! The good news is
       Pasta  Organics,  plus  fun  pasta                                            that  the  drinks  section  has  been
       shapes. They have also expanded                                               expanded  too,  with  even  more
       the  dedicated  gluten-free  area                                             local  beers,  cider  from  the
       complete with pasta, cakes, sweet                                             Norfolk  Cider  Company,  plus  a
       and  savoury  biscuits  and  much                                             growing range of soft drinks and
       more.                                                                         mixers.
         If  you’re  looking  for  some-                                               Or you could plump for a bot-
       thing  for  dinner  (or  the  barbe-                                          tle of Drove Orchards apple, pear
       cue!), the meat counter is packed                                             or quince juices, made from fruits
       with  locally  produced  steaks,                                              grown  and  pressed  on  site. You
       burgers,  sausages,  dry  cured                                               can’t  get  much  more  local  than
       bacon  and  lots  more  from  E  H                                            that!
       Prior  &  Sons  and  Broadland                                                Drove  Orchards  Farm  Shop  is
       Hams, plus charcuterie from the                                               open daily from 9am to 5pm.
       newly  launched  Butcher  of  from scratch or need a few helpful  If you fancy a cheese board for  Drove  Orchards,  Thornham,
       Burnham.                  shortcuts  along  the  way,  there’s  dessert,  there  are  cheeses  from  PE36 6LS. Off A149 coast road.
         Meat  chosen,  there’s  always  plenty to choose from.  Norfolk and beyond and a great  01485 525652 or get in touch at
       plenty  of  fresh  produce  from  Staples  sit  alongside  ingredi-  range of biscuits and crackers –
       herbs and salads to potatoes and  ents  from  Italian,  North African  including  gluten-free  –  plus  a  Keep  up  to  date  with  all  their
       onions,  with  everything  else  in  and  Oriental  cuisine  –  whether  wide variety of fruit accompani-  news  @drovefarmshop  on
       between  –  including  local  you’re  planning  a  bolognaise,  ments and delicious chutneys and  Twitter  and  Instagram  or  Drove
       Sharrington asparagus, in season,  Sunday  roast,  paella  or  stir  fry,  pickles.   Orchards  Farm  Shop  on  face-
       with strawberries not far behind.  look no further!   If a snack is in order, they have  book.
         And  whether  you’re  cooking
                                                           RINGSTEAD OPEN GARDENS
       COMPETITION 2016                                    SUNDAY 3RD JULY 2016
       Mark Dyble (on behalf of Hunstanton Gardeners’ Association)
                                                           Gardens will be open to the public from 11am to 5pm with attractions
       If you are considering entering your garden in this year’s event then  for all to enjoy, including Lunches at the Old Rectory between 12 and
       now  is  the  time  to  be  making  your  plans.    Hunstanton  Gardeners’  2pm, Teas,raffle and various stalls at Westgate House (11am to 5pm).
       Association  will  again  be  organizing  the  competition  sponsored  as  From Sunday 3rd to Monday 4th July (10am to 5pm) the theme of
       usual by Thaxters Garden Centre of Dersingham.                  the  Flower  Display  in  St  Andrews  Church  will  be  the  Seven
         You can choose from the 4 classes in the competition, whichever  Sacraments.
       suits you best:                                       The Ringstead Artists Exhibition will take place in the Village Hall
         Large garden                                      from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd July (10am to 5pm).
         Small garden                                        £3.00 admits to all locations. Proceeds to St Andrews Church.
         Hanging basket or container
         Hotels and Guest Houses.
         Entry forms can be obtained from Witleys shop in the High Street
       and from the Tourist Information Centre from the 1st June.
         The closing date for entries is the 30th June, with judging to take
       place in early July. There will be many prizes and awards for ALL of
       those taking part, including of course the opportunity to win and hold
       the prestigious Anneka Rice Challenge Cup for a year and a replica to
       keep. So if you are interested, make up your mind, and go for it!
       Mark Dyble (on behalf of Hunstanton Gardeners’ Association)
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