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       The Americans at Sculthorpe (1)                     their equipment started to arrive in  Orient,  heard  gunshots  on  his
                                                           Great  Britain,  which  was  to  be  3,000-acre Honingham estate and
       Jim Welham                                          used  as  a  springboard  for  an  confronted 2 poachers, American
                                                           invasion of occupied France.  On  soldiers armed with M1 carbines,
       During the disastrous summer of  Once crossed, the only remaining  arrival many were appalled by the  one  of  whom  shot  him  dead.
       1940 with an invasion by Hitler’s  fortifications   were   Norman  desolation caused by the bombing,  Private George Smith confessed to
       armies imminent, Britain and the  Castles  built  nearly  a  thousand  the  inedible  food,  undrinkable  the shooting. He was described as
       British Empire stood alone against  years previously, although a series  coffee,   foul   weather   and  a  morally  defective  homicidal
       the  might  of  the  Nazi  war  of  anti-tank  ditches  were  being  inadequate transport system. They  degenerate with a mental age of 9.
       machine.  Prime Minister Winston  dug  with  frantic  haste  and  believed our beer should be ‘put  He was court martialled at RAF
       Churchill  decided  that  the  only  numerous   small   concrete  back in the horse’ and were baffled  Attlebridge,   convicted   and
       way to win World War II was to  strongholds known as pill boxes  by  the  monetary  system  of  hanged.
       drag American into it. France had  constructed.     Pounds, Shillings and Pence.  Work  on  RAF  Scunthorpe,  a
       collapsed  on  22  June  1940  and  On  15 August  1940  with  the  By August 1942 all Americans  light bomber station and satellite
       been forced to sign an armistice in  intention of gaining the necessary  entering England were issued with  of   RAF   West   Raynham,
       the same railway carriage that the  air supremacy prior to invasion,  a  guide  book  which  gave  the  commenced  in  1942  and  by  15
       terms  of  Germany’s  surrender  the Luftwaffe attacked Southern  following  advice.  ‘Britain  may  May  1943  it  had  become
       were imposed at the end of World  England, but over the following  look a bit shop-worn and grimy to  operational, after which it was in
       War  I. A  powerful  French  fleet  weeks suffered such heavy losses  you.    The  British  people  are  use by the RAF, the Free French
       remained  moored  at  Mers-El-  inflicted  by  the  Spitfires  and  anxious to have you know that you  and  the  New  Zealand  and
       Kébir  in  French  Algeria  which  Hurricanes  of  the  RAF  that  to  are not seeing their country at its  Australia Air Forces.  A year later
       could not be allowed to fall into  cross the Channel was impossible.  best.  There  has  been  a  war  on  it  was  upgraded  to  Very  Heavy
       German hands as Italy had entered  Hitler  decided  that  the  British  since 1939.  The houses haven’t  Bomber  status  with  extended
       the war on the side of Germany  were  isolated  and  no  longer  a  been painted because the factories  runways.
       which altered the balance of naval  threat so instead, broke the 1939  are  not  making  paint  -  they’re  At the end of WW II America,
       power in the Mediterranean.  On 3  German/Soviet  non-aggression  making  planes.    The  famous  the  only  one  of  the  victorious
       July 1940 the Royal Navy were  pact  and  on  22  June  1941  English  parks  and  gardens  are  wartime Allies not to be occupied
       ordered  to  bombard  the  French  launched  a  surprise  invasion  of  unkempt because there are no men  or bombed, emerged as the richest
       warships without warning which  Russia. He needed to take control  to take care of them; or they are  and most powerful nation on earth.
       resulted  in  the  death  of  1297  of the oil fields and to seize vast  being used to grow much needed  Germany  was  divided  into  two
       sailors. Churchill used the attack  tracts  of  eastern  land  where  the  vegetables.  British taxi cabs look  countries,  the  West  which
       to  demonstrate  to  America  that  inferior   Slav   and   Jewish  antique  because  Britain  makes  remained part of the Free World
       Britain  had  no  intention  of  population  would  be  killed,  tanks for herself and Russia and  and  the  Soviet-controlled  East
       surrendering.             deported,  or  enslaved  to  be  hasn’t  time  to  make  new  cars.  where  communism  advocated
        In those days there was no hint  replaced  by  the  expanding  British  trains  are  cold  because  worldwide revolution and the end
       of  a  ‘special  relationship.’   The  German population.  He expected  power is needed for industry, not  of  capitalism.  Berlin  was  a
       American   politicians   were  the conquest to take less than 3  heating.  There are no dining cars  separate enclave isolated deep in
       overwhelmingly  isolationist  and  months.    He  believed  that  on  trains  because  the  total  war  the Soviet zone and divided into 4
       were adamant that they would not  communism  was  corrupt  and  effort has no room for such frills.  sectors occupied respectively by
       again come to the rescue of the  equally  as  evil  as  Judaism,  and  Although  you  will  read  in  the  Soviet,  US,  French  and  British
       French  Republic  or  the  British  when  attacked,  the  Red  Army  newspapers  about  ‘Lords’  and  troops. Tensions soon arose.  On
       Empire. Anti-British feeling was  would  collapse  like  a  pack  of  ‘Sirs,’ England is still one of the  24  June  1948  in  an  attempt  to
       rife  and  many  could  see  no  cards, as during his purges Stalin  greatest  democracies  and  the  annex  the  whole  city,  Stalin
       difference between the oppressors  had  liquidated  many  of  his  cradle of many American liberties.  introduced  a  blockade  when  he
       of the Jews and the Czechs and the  military High Command.  Today the King rules but does not  ordered  all  roads,  railways  and
       oppressors  of  the  Irish  and  of  By  this  time  the  American  govern, and the King and Queen  canals to the Western Sectors to be
       India. To prevent America from  determination  to  remain  neutral  stuck by the people throughout the  closed  indefinitely  for  ‘repairs.’
       becoming  embroiled  in  foreign  had  gradually  waivered  and  Blitz and had their house bombed  Within  2  days  the  Allies
       wars  a  series  of  neutrality  acts  Britain  was  eventually  supplied  just like everyone else. One thing  commenced  the  ‘Berlin  Airlift,’
       were passed which included the  with  war  materials  and  other  to  be  careful  about-  if  you  are  and for a year two million people
       threat that, if any of their citizens  assistance, but at a massive price,  invited into a British home and the  were supplied with food, clothing,
       served  in  a  war  zone,  their  and the debt was only settled by a  host exhorts you to ‘eat up,’ there  water,  medicines,  coal  and  all
       citizenship  might  be  revoked.  final payment of £42.5 million on  is plenty on the table, go easy It  other necessities. During this time
       This did not deter about 10, 000  30  December  2006.  On  7  may be the family’s rations for the  RAF Sculthorpe was refurbished
       volunteers  from  crossing  the  December 1941 the surprise attack  whole  week  are  spread  out  to  for use by the USAF.  After nearly
       border  and  enlisting  into  the  on Pearl Harbour brought America  show their hospitality.’  a year Stalin lifted the blockade on
       Canadian Armed Services some of  to  war  with  Japan,  but  not  With  such  a  vast  presence  of  12 May 1949.
       whom  became  pilots  in  the  Germany, although four days later  servicemen in Norfolk, lapses of  On  1  February  1951  the
       American Eagle Squadrons of the  Hitler declared war on America,  military discipline were inevitable.  Americans took over Sculthorpe
       RAF.                      believing that the Anglo-Saxon-  One of the more serious crimes  and soon about 10,000 personnel
        Hitler hoped that Britain would  Jewish-Capitalist world had united  occurred  on  3  December  1944  made it the largest American base
       choose to negotiate an agreement  with Communism.   when  Sir  Eric  Teichman,  a  in Europe.
       as  the  Channel  remained  a  Within weeks the first of over a  diplomat  and  authority  on  the
       formidable obstacle to his armies.  million American servicemen and
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