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       RSPB Titchwell Marsh

       Carrie Carey
       What do a Sherman firefly and an Egyptian character have in common?
       The answer is that both can be seen at RSPB Titchwell Marsh this spring.
        During low tides it is possible to view the discarded hulls of two WWII
       tanks, remnants of a time when the north Norfolk coastline stood in
       readiness against the invasion of Hitler’s forces. From 1942 to 1945
       Titchwell Marsh was used by the Royal Tank regiment as a firing range
       and the Royal Dragoon guards also used the area for military exercises
       unleashing 17 pounder guns on Sherman firefly tanks.

        At the end of January 1953, a storm surge breached parts of Titchwell’s
       sea defences and flooded the reclaimed land. The area quickly reverted to
       salt marsh and over the following decades, the sand dunes and shingle spit
       began to form. Nearly forty years later during another spring tide the sea
       once again breached the shoreline and the tank hulls were exposed.
        Further inland, visitors to RSPB Titchwell Marsh can take a gentle
       meander along the meadow trail taking time to loiter around the dragonfly
       pond where frogs are spawning and the water vole family have taken up
       residence. In this part of the reserve, keen eyes might spot smaller species  P.J. PARSONS
       of wildlife such as adult shoulder stripe and Hebrew character moths also
       preparing for warmer days.                                  PLUMBING AND HEATING
        In between woodland and beach lies a large expanse of reedbed and salt
       water marsh where endangered birds such as bitterns and bearded tits are
       calling their mates in readiness for the breeding season. Looking to the
       skies, marsh harriers can be seen whirling and swooping over the marsh
       in an outlandish display of courtship.
        Just  outside  the  visitor  centre,  the  new  wildlife  garden  is  almost
       complete and provides a miniature reflection of the 800 acre site. Faces
       beam with pleasure as hands, muddy from the damp soil, work busily to
       plant the last of the foxgloves, celandines and hawthorn bushes.
        Join us this spring and you can experience Titchwell past and present;     OIL & GAS HEATING
       take a step back in time whilst taking another closer to nature.
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