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8 Hunstanton Town & Around                                                                May 2012
                                                           him on the spot.  I’m glad to say that not all taxi firms are like that.
       From ‘Blue Light Taxi’s’ to Minibus
                                                           Some are very good indeed.  I try to give my passengers that little bit
       Taxi’s                                              more with some VIP treatment whenever I can. It doesn’t take much
                                                           to hold open a door for someone or keep your vehicle clean and
                                                           smelling fresh, but its little things like that that make the difference,
       After 23 years front line ambulance duties Dylan Howell has hung up  and people remember that.  They certainly remember empty chip
       his green uniform and donned a white t-shirt with Roman Helmet motif  wrappers as well” He goes on to add, “What I’m also doing which I
       and a pair of casual trousers.                      notice other taxi firms aren’t, is providing free reading material and
        Dylan joined the ambulance service in 1986 when it was known as  chilled bottled water for those long trips.  If you’ve just got off a long
       Norfolk Ambulance Service, “The good old days.” as he calls it.   He  haul flight, battled with the baggage and Passport Control, by the time
       served just 3 weeks at Wisbech Ambulance Station when a position  you get to the taxi, all you want to do is relax and have a nice drink.
       became available at Hunstanton.  He immediately applied for the post  Another thing I’m providing which I haven’t seen any other taxis in
       and was accepted.  “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made” says Dylan  Norfolk doing (yet) is Chip & Pin.  I’m not sure, but I think I’m the
       “I then moved from King’s Lynn to Heacham and I’ve been there ever  first to do it.”
       since. The people are great and the lifestyle is fantastic. It took me a  See Dylan’s ad on page 3
       little while to get used to the quiet laid back approach to things, but
       now I love it.”   Unfortunately Dylan suffered a back injury at work
       while trying to carry a twenty stone lady down a flight of stairs in a News from Ingoldisthorpe Church of
       wheelchair, and is no longer able to carry large patients up and down
       stairs anymore.  He was forced to retire on medical grounds and  England Primary School
       decided to take up Driving Tuition as a career.   Whilst training to be  By Caitlin, Katie, William, Lucy and Louise, the year 5 News
       a driving instructor Dylan drove the Land Train at Searles Leisure  Team.
       Resort for one season. “That was great fun.” says Dylan, “I met some
       really nice holiday makers and made some lovely friends at Searles.  This term we have many activities planned.
       They are all such nice people.”   The following year Dylan took up  Holt Hall.
       taxi driving and soon discovered it was more to his taste, and changed  Maple Class  (years 3 and 4) will be visiting Holt Hall for three days.
       tack. “You really do meet some very interesting people,” says Dylan  The whole class are really looking forward to the visit. Some of the
       “and they’ve all got a different story to tell.  I’ve driven some really  activities will include: pond dipping, survival skills, orienteering and
       important people and they are all so very nice when you meet them. I  a sports evening.
       had the honour of driving the Country File team at Wells last year.  Amazonia.
       That was a thrill.”   Now starting out on his own Dylan has purchased  The reception children along with years one and two will be visiting
       a Volkswagen minibus and is operating under the name Peddars Way  Amazonia Wildlife Park. They will learn about creatures that live in
       Travel. “I wanted something that is synonymous with Norfolk that  the rain forest as well as different habitats. Acorn class, (year R) are
       everyone can relate to and Peddars Way runs right through the heart  looking forward to seeing the monkeys.
       of Norfolk, so what better name than that.”   A Roman helmet and a  Our Summer Recipe Book.
       Poppy adorn the side of the vehicle. The Roman Helmet represents  This year families are getting together to create their favourite summer
       Peddars Way the Roman road, and the Poppy represents Norfolk’s  recipes. These will appear in a book going on sale as a part of the
       nickname Poppy Land.   “Apart from that I just love poppies,” adds  jubilee celebrations. In fact we will be sending a copy of our recipe
       Dylan, “I’ve even got a photo of a Poppy field I took on the rear  book to Her Majesty. We also have a cake designing competition to
       window of the minibus.”                             design the decoration for a cake. The winner will then have their design
        Asked about his driving qualifications, Dylan replied, “I’ve driven  made into a cake.
       just about everything from a Mini to an articulated Lorry/tanker.  The  Readathon.
       only things I can’t legally drive are tracked vehicles, but I don’t fancy  Readathon is our year long event to promote reading. Every time the
       being a digger driver.” he quips.  “Apart from VIP driving I’ve done  children read this is recorded in their reading diary, the points are added
       advanced driving with the ambulance service, defensive driving in the  up and prizes awarded. At the end of the year we have a whole school
       RAF and again recently, I also have 6 years of continental driving  celebration to celebrate our reading. This year we have a pirate theme.
       experience  having  done  two  tours  in  Germany,  off  road  driving,  We will be dressing as pirates, play pirate games and we might even
       bus/coach driving, lorry driving, land train driving.   I haven’t driven  be having Jack Sparrow visit us!
       the Wash Monster, but it’s early days yet!” he says tongue in cheek.  Sleep Over on the school field.
       “I also like to keep my First Aid qualifications current as well because  Soon years 3,4,5 and 6 are going to be sleeping over on the school
       you never know what’s round the corner.”            field. There will be BBQ food, lots of entertainment and games. We
        Before joining the Ambulance Service Dylan served 13 years in the  always enjoy our school field sleep over!
       Royal Air Force. There he had the opportunity to drive some very high  As you can see there are lots of fun activities planned for this term.
       ranking officers and VIP about for 3 years.  He also drove ambulances
       for the Royal Air Force in Germany for 19 months.  “It was only
       supposed to be for 6 months, but the Senior Medical Officer was  QUILTERS' QUARTERS
       reluctant to let me go because I was the only driver who could speak
       a fair bit of German.  It’s what got me into driving ambulances for the
       NHS.”  “I like VIP driving,” says Dylan it’s more professional than  We are a small friendly patchwork group meeting alternate Wednesday
       normal driving. “It’s something which I think is lacking in certain areas  mornings at The Hunstanton Methodist Church, Austin Street, from
       of the taxi industry today.   I was shopping in King’s Lynn with my  10am  to 12.30pm.  If you enjoy patchwork, quilting and chatting (not
       wife the other day and we saw a taxi driver turning into Norfolk Street  necessarily in that order!), then we look forward to seeing you.
       with chip wrappers and other rubbish strewn all over his dashboard.  Our next meetings will be on the 2 and 16 May.
       That to me is totally unacceptable.  If he worked for me I’d have sacked  For any more details, please phone Chris 01485 535287.
       Tel: 01485 533422                                       email:
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