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6 Hunstanton Town & Around                                                                May 2012
                                                           larger strip was sown on the 11th April on the right-hand verge of
       1st Hunstanton Scout Group
                                                           Redgate Hill and from the roundabout up to the commercial park on
                                                           the entrance to the town. This has been achieved by the co-operation
       Hi my name is Mark Larman and I am one of the new leaders at the  of the Town Council, the BCKLWN gardening team, headed by Chris
       1st Hunstanton Scouts.  For those who don't know the 1st Hunstanton  Durham, and the In Bloom committee. None of this would have been
       Scout Group has not had a Scout section for many years.  At the end  possible without a lot of hard work carried out by Pat and Lesley
       of last year there was a push to get the Scout section restarted.  Myself  Richardson who faced the daunting task of hand sowing this very large
       and two other local Dads volunteered to become leaders and we started  strip. (See photo).
       in the new year.
        During January and February we had joint meeting with the Cubs.
       We  had  activities  including  Astronomy,  Map  reading  and  local
       Heritage.  From March we took the plunge and started to plan and run
       our  own  meetings.    For  the  first  meeting  we  organized  a  trip  to
       Hunstanton Fire station, we were joined by the Cubs and were given a
       tour of the station, the crew talked about fire safety and the different
       equipment they use.  The Cubs and Scouts got the opportunity to use
       the hoses and the finale was watching the crew in action cutting the
       roof off of a car.  The speed and professionalism really was impressive
       and everybody had a great time.
        Our next meeting was at the HQ in York Avenue, the Scouts learned
       about ropes and knots, at the end of the evening they had to use
       everything they had learnt to make a tripod with an arm and hook that
       they then used to lift a bucket containing sweets from one location to
       another this was also a great hit.  We then had a night hike around
       Castle Rising with the 12th Kings Lynn Scouts and the following week
       a Bowling evening with the 1st Heacham Scouts.  For the last meeting
       of  the  term  we  watched  a  DVD  of  the  2007  Scout  Jamboree  ate
       Popcorn and drank squash.
        Our  meetings  this  half  term  will  include  Basic  First  Aid,
       Indoor/Outdoor  Games,  Circus  Skills,  Tent  Pitching,  a  Trip  to
       Hunstanton lifeboat station and a mini hike in Ringstead Downs.   We
       also hope to have a one night Camp in Wolferton.  Scouts is open to
       Boys and Girls aged 10.5 to 14.  We meet most Thursdays during Term
       time  from  7.30  to  9.00  at  1st  Hunstanton  Scout  Hut, York  Road,
       Hunstanton.  For further information please call Mark Larman on
       07775 620079.

                                                             The flower mix used is called appropriately “Jour de Fete”  - or
                                                             “Holiday Celebration” and is basically a mix of Cosmos, Corn
                                                           Flowers, and Zinnias which given reasonable weather should provide
       When driving through France in the summer it is not uncommon to
       suddenly come across a small patch or even whole fields of brightly  a carpet of   multi-coloured flowers to welcome both residents and
       coloured flowers.  Some years ago when farmers were paid to take  visitors to our town from the end of June through to October.
       fields out of crop cultivation – set aside – French farmers decided to  There is also a very serious environmental reason for this project as
       brighten up the countryside by sowing flower mixes especially on  the flowers act like a magnet to butterflies and bees, which are really
       roadside verges or patches of waste land. At the beginning of this  in need of all the help they can get. Any interested beekeepers, school
       scheme  the  Hunters  Associations  and  the  French  government  teachers, farmers or allotment holders should please contact John
       subsidized  the  seed,  for  what  became  known  as  Jachere  Fleurie.  Smith ( for further information. It would
       (Hunters Flowers). Although the subsidies have now been reduced  be a marketing dream to produce Sunny Hunny Honey!
       many farmers and civil gardeners have continued with the scheme.
        A range of specialist flower mixes is now produced with selected
       strains of cultivated flowers, which adapt well to poorer soils and can For The Future
       survive  without  irrigation.  use  of  fertilizers,  or  sprays.  by Wendell Berry
       Environmentalists now give their widespread support to this project
       as they have proved to not only to give protection to game birds –  Planting trees early in spring,
       especially partridges, but also to insect life, notably butterflies and  we make a place for birds to sing
       struggling bee populations.                           in time to come. How do we know?
        In what is believed to be the first use of Jachere Fleurie in this  They are singing here now.
       country, Hunstanton is trying out a large area of these cultivated flower  There is no other guarantee
       mixes on the verges on the entrance to the town. After a successful  that singing will ever be.
       small-scale trial last year on a plot at the top of Redgate Hill a much

       Tel: 01485 533422                                       email:
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