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       Dig into history on a Sedgeford staycation

       Always fancied trying your hand at Archaeology? This could be your chance!
           edgeford Historical &  Archaeological Research Project
           (SHARP) in North West Norfolk is one of the country’s largest
       Sarchaeological sites run entirely by volunteers, and has now
       been running excavation, research and training courses for 25 years.
       The site is looking into how people used and settled the land, from the
       earliest times to the present day, although most of its current work is
       focusing on the Anglo-Saxon period.
        During that time, over 4000 people from all over the world have
       come to join this unusual community; many of whom have gone onto
       to work as professional Archaeologists. Hundreds of local people and
       visitors Norfolk come to the site every year to see what’s been
       uncovered, with many coming back to this beautiful part of the world
       year after year.
        This year it could be your chance to join SHARP! After a shut down
       year in 2020 because of Covid, they now able to re-open this amazing
       dig site, thanks to a generous Covid recovery grant from Norfolk
       County Council.  This will help them to take a range of extra
       precautions to make the site Covid-safe, including extra cleaning and   their home area. They take people of all ages (Under 16’s are welcome
       hosting a smaller number of people on site than usual to ensure social   with a parent/carer) and you don’t need to know one end of a trowel
       distancing. It would not have been possible to open this year without   from the other to come and join them!
       this support, and they are enormously grateful to the Council for their   They also have a small bursary fund which may be able to help out
       help.                                               if cost is a problem for you, and instructions on how to apply for this
        This means that SHARP can offer a limited number of places to   are also on the website. The prices on the website are for camping on
       people with no previous experience on their one week BERT (Basic   site and full board, but talk to SHARP if you would rather travel from
       Excavation & Research Techniques) course in July. You can find out   home at a reduced cost. If you have health or mobility issues, please
       more about the course and book online by visiting their website and   talk to them, as they can often make adjustments which mean you
       clicking on the ‘courses’ tab:   could still take part.
        People have come from all over the world to learn about   But be quick! There are only have a small number of places left on
       Archaeology on the BERT course, but SHARP is particularly keen to   these courses, and it will be first come, first served, so get booking
       attract local people who’d like to find out more about the history of   now – and take your first adventure into Archaeology!
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