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       Gizz rocks up in Hunstanton for the Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice

               few years after writing ‘The Wheels Of Chance’, Hunstanton
             became the home of H G Wells and Rebecca West and Brig-
       Ay-don, a semi-detached house in Victoria Avenue was the
       birthplace of their son Anthony.
        The lead character in the book, Mr Hoopdriver, rides (in his case not
       very well) a forty-three pound bicycle. The old fashioned bicycle that
       Gizz Butt chose to ride from Peterborough to Hunstanton is not
       dissimilar from that of Mr Hoopdriver but the legendary rock
       guitarist’s trip was no holiday, rather a challenging 52 mile charity ride
       in jeans and leather jacket accompanied by his good friend and fellow
       musician Simon Wright who was riding a mountain bike pulled from
       a ditch. “We didn’t want to make it easy,” said Gizz.
        Adapting the sit up and beg bike to accommodate a speaker in the
       front basket meant that the pair had an impressive playlist to keep
       themselves going on a day with fierce crosswinds, a puncture at 22
       miles and a chain that derailed. The playlist clearly helped as Gizz and
       Simon reached The Terrace in Hunstanton on time and in good spirits.
        Inspired to raise funds for the hospice in a year when fundraising
       events have been cancelled, and as soon as riding with a friend was
       allowed Gizz and Simon planned their ride in memory of their friends
       and family including Steve Kane, Helen Harber-Day, Sarah Basnett,  5 things to check before a long car
       George Waugh, Peter Thompson, Joyce Gillatt and Terry Whyman and   journey
       Mike Randall who were cared for by the hospice.
        Stickers with the names of friends that have passed were displayed  By Abigail Brown
       on the bikes. Gizz said: “I feel they were with us all the way; they were
       such a big part of our lives”.                            s we’re almost completely out of the coronavirus lockdown -
        Gizz’s musical career has spanned four decades playing with The   hopefully forever - it’s no surprise that this year is expected
       Prodigy, Janus Stark (Every Little Thing Counts), and the English   Ato set a new record for staycations. Roads are already loaded
       Dogs metal/punk band. This spring Gizz had planned to be touring in   with cars and people trying to escape to a different part of the UK,
       Germany promoting the new Janus Stark album, “Everything was lined   most travelling for hours on end to get to summer holiday hotspots.
       up then Covid came along; it’s a pity because we are in the top ten   Nothing could put a kink in your travel plans like having your car
       there and it would have been good to do the promotional tour.”    break down. To avoid this, make time to fully prepare before you set
        “This bike ride was a bonkers idea, but we knew we were doing it   off. If you do nothing else, check these five things:
       for a very worthy cause and that knowledge helped spur us on.” Gizz
       added.                                                                  Fluid levels
        Sister Maddie and friend Spike plus a small socially distance   Top up your engine oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze if they are looking
       welcoming committee cheered as Gizz and Simon climbed the final   low.
       hill up Westgate to The Terrace where owners Vicky and Dan Kirk had
       the bubbly and food waiting, and Gizz was not too tired to open the       Lights
       first bottle.                                       Check all your lights are working as they should before a long journey
        The guys smashed their fundraising target of £1000 and today the   - you may need to ask a family member or friend to help you check
       total stands at £2477 including funds from a raffle and collection   your brake or indicator lights.
       bucket at The Terrace– donations can still be made at Just Giving Gizz    Tyres
       Butt3.                                              Ensure you conduct a thorough check on your tyres, confirming that
        Gizz’s next challenge is to write his autobiography; perhaps like HG   the tread depth is above the legal requirement (1.6mm) and that they
       Wells it will include a bicycle and a little bit of Hunstanton.   are pumped up. And, most importantly, make sure the spare tyre is
                                                           pumped up.
       Men’s Shed has a new home                                                 Brakes
                                                           If your vehicle has been standing awhile, be aware that your brakes
            he Men’s Shed new home is in a Nissen Hut at the Glebe House   may be partially seized and/or corroded. If you hear grinding sounds,
            School in Hunstanton. The building is being prepared to make   then it may be best to get them checked out.
       Tit into a welcoming space mainly as a workshop where men can
       get together, maintain their health and wellbeing, to converse and    Air-conditioning
       create, also making friends, learning, and sharing skills.   It’s often overlooked, but checking your air-con is important,
        The group will be involved with various local community projects   particularly if you are travelling during the peak of summer. Cars can
       whenever possible.                                  heat up rapidly, which could make for a very uncomfortable journey.
        Soon the group will start constructing a shed next to the Nissen Hut;   Check your air-con by turning it on and noticing whether it blows out
       a quieter environment to relax for tea and banter. If you want to take   cool, or warm air - if you experience the latter, you will need to get it
       part in helping our project, take shape come and join the group, new   looked at by a professional.
       members are always welcome. Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.00hrs –   For further peace of mind, book your car in for a service at your
       16.00hrs.                                           local garage. If after checking your car yourself you notice anything
        The Men’s Shed team would like to thank the Glebe House School   unusual, it’s crucial that you take your car to a mechanic to fix any
       Headmaster Mr Louis Taylor and Chair of Governors Mr Nicholas   problems before you travel.
       Crane, for giving us this opportunity, and they look forward to a long   Call K Brown Auto Repairs at their Hunstanton garage on 01485
       working relationship with the School.               53386, or on 01553 763763 for King’s Lynn to book your car in for a
                                                           service. Visit for more information.
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