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        Ten years of record breaking Lions Christmas lunches

        Over the past ten years, the Hunstanton and
        District  Lions  Christmas  Lunches  have
        become a much-loved tradition in the area
        with spaces being snapped up as soon as the
        advertisement appears in Town and Around.
          Served by Lions and friends over a week
        with  two  sittings  each  day,  the  subsidised
        lunches were instigated by Ian Wallis and the
        late Peter Mills. The idea was to provide a
        budget Christmas dinner and an event that
        local residents will enjoy. This year the Lions
        served 456 diners at the United Services Club
        in Hunstanton.
          Co-ordinator of the event Lion Chris Holt
        said: “This is our flagship event and it is good
        to see faces from previous lunches and lovely
        to welcome new diners each year.
          “I’ve tried for years to get 100 diners seated
        together in a day and on Wednesday (5th) we
        did it!
          “Thank you to all the Lions and volunteers
        who have made it so successful.”
          Pictured standing from left: Peter Sutton,
        Robert  Williamson, Chris Holt, Jane Scott,
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