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                                 Happy New Year! May 2019 bring
                                 you everything you need.
                                   Just like Dean Baker on page 48
                                 I’m a big fan of January; the days
                                 are  getting  longer  and  the  house
                                 looks clear and fresh once all the
                                 Christmas  decorations  have  been
                                 packed away for another year. It’s
                                 also   about   new   beginnings,
                                 resolutions and the opportunity to
                                 mark  a  new  year  with  positive
                                 change.  In  2019  I’m  planning  to
        spend more time outside. Perhaps you have plans for the year you’d
        like to share with readers?
          It is always a pleasure to publish good news and this month we send
        congratulations to all the team at Searles; they have been named as
        Britain’s best holiday park and you can read about their success on
        page 45.
          Recently Richard has been glued to The Last Kingdom on Netflix;
        stories based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell. It came as a bit of a
        surprise to see Hunstanton appearing on the screen as a place of great
        importance as a regional centre in the ninth century. You can imagine
        his delight when he found out about the Viking exhibition that comes
        to Norwich in February and I’ve included a piece about that on page
          My  thanks  as  always  to  our  magnificent  delivery  team,  our
        advertisers and everyone who has contributed articles and photos for
        the magazine. I love receiving your articles and photos, and it keeps
        the content interesting for everyone. Sadly, sometimes the photos
        supplied just can’t be used. On page 73 there are some guidelines that
        hopefully will help! Also, please send your photos separately and not
        in a Word document.
          Have a great month.
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