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        10-year-old Hannah raises £2500 for Children with cancer

              unstanton  Primary  School  student
              Hannah Burton’s final count in her
        Hfundraising effort for Children with
        Cancer in 2018 was £2517.75.
          Creating paper roses for sale when two of
        her   cousins   were   diagnosed   with
        neuroblastoma  and  leukaemia,  Hannah’s
        creativity progressed over the months to more
        complex designs including Christmas angels,
        trees,  candles  and  hedgehogs  all  of  which
        were on sale and display at the Christmas Tree
        Festival  at  Hunstanton  Town  Hall  in

                                           Mayoress, Cllr Nick Daubney and Mrs Cheryl
                                           Daubney,  The  Mayor  of  Hunstanton  Cllr
                                           Amanda Bosworth, Cllr Carol Bower, Cllr
                                           Adrian  Winnington,  Hunstanton  Primary
                                           School’s  head  teacher  Mrs  Mapplebeck,
                                           family  and  friends  who  helped  Hannah’s
                                           fundraising efforts were also in attendance.
                                             Mrs Burton said: “I am so proud of Hannah;
                                           she has worked really hard. The trouble is we
                                           have to think of new ways to beat the total
                                           next year but thankfully we don’t start again
                                           until February!”
                                           Above:  Seated  BCKLWN  Mayor  Cllr  Nick
          Assisted  by  her  grandmother  Monica
        Burton, Hannah raised £1644.92 in 2017 and  Daubney, Hannah Burton and Lady Romney.
                                           Standing:  Borough  Mayoress  Mrs  Cheryl
        she  delighted  to  learn  she  had  beaten  that  Daubney,  Hunstanton  Mayor  Amanda
        figure  when  the  total  was  revealed  on  7th  Bosworth and Cllr Carol Bower.
        January  at  The  Honeystone  in  Hunstanton
        where £1000 of the total had been raised.  Right: Lady Romney and Hannah
          The Norfolk Vice- Lord-Lieutenant Lady
        Romney accepted the cheque for £2517.75 for
        the  charity.  The  Borough  Mayor  and

         Local dog lovers’ solution to modern day loneliness

              olunteer dog cuddling is being offered by Barking Mad (North  physical presence of a team to support you can lead to loneliness that
              West Norfolk) as an antidote to the problem of loneliness in  can’t be fixed by any kind of app. Caring for a friendly dog not only
        Vmodern society. For those who are retired or work from home  provides canine cuddles (far better than any virtual hug) but also the
        and are spending large chunks of time alone, caring for a waggy-tailed  motivation  to  go  and  take  a  walk  at  lunchtime,  increasing  the
        companion on a temporary basis and meeting other like-minded dog  likelihood of adhering to New Year fitness resolutions.”
        lovers could really help to overcome feelings of isolation.  The community of Barking Mad host families mainly consists of
          The  perception  of  loneliness  as  mainly  an  issue  for  the  older  active retired people and those who either work from home, or have
        generation is now proving inaccurate, as a study from the Office for  extended periods away from work. It offers the opportunity to care for
        National Statistics suggests that young adults are more likely to feel  dogs in your own home, while their owners are away on holiday. Hosts
        lonely than older age groups. Due to huge advances in technology, the  experience all the benefits of dog companionship without any of the
        number of freelancers and remote workers is rising, with an article in  emotional or financial responsibilities of full time pet ownership and
        Business Leader claiming that a ‘third of business owners think that  they receive 24/7 support from the Barking Mad team.
        workforce will work remotely by 2020.’                To find out more about becoming a Barking Mad host, you can call
          Tania Stowe of Barking Mad said, “Whilst remote working has  Tania   Stowe   on   01485   205715   or   visit
        obvious advantages, working alone under pressure and not having the
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