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       Thousands turn out to see Christmas Day Swim

           or  over  sixty  years,  brave  swimmers  have  taken  the  plunge  on
           Christmas Day in Hunstanton and this year 143 swimmers in fancy
       Fdress were supported by a crowd of over three thousand spectators.
         Organised by Hunstanton Round Table, the annual event is a flagship
       fundraiser where money is raised via sponsorship and a bucket shake on
       the day. Round Table member Ed Napolitano said: “It went really well and
       once  we’ve  got  all  the  sponsorship  money  in  we’ll  have  raised  about
         For the first time this year a horse and rider took part in the proceedings,
       Rosie was ridden by seventeen-year-old Olivia Fane who won the individ-
       ual fancy dress prize while the group prize went to a group of young men
       dressed as their favourite Disney princesses.
         “It wasn’t the cold water that made it uncomfortable,” said one swim-
       mer, “it was the sharp stones on my feet when we were coming out of the
       water – now I can see why some old hands had old trainers on!”
         Christmas Day Swim photos by Luke Turrell of Hunstanton Round

       Deepdale Music Programme 2018                       Director and the primary music promoter at Deepdale.
                                                             “There were other moments in the year when we knew we were
                                                           barking up the right tree, and Deepdale Festival was certainly one of
       While it might take many of us a while to get used to writing 2018  those.  The crowd for Jess Morgan’s set on the Orchard Stage and the
       rather than 2017, we are pleased to say that there is no such delay with  dancing in the Brick Barn during Little Red Kings headlining set will
       the 2018 music programme at Deepdale Backpackers & Camping.  The  live long in the memory.” continued Chris.  “Now artists know more
       dates  are  set  for  the  Deepdale  Hygge  and  Deepdale  Festival,  and  about the style of what we offer and the location, we are getting more
       Sunday Sessions are already in the diary starting this month.  and more enquiries, so developing the 2018 programme is going to be a
         The first event of the year takes place next weekend, when John  joy.”
       Osborne brings his spoken word and poetry to Deepdale, with his show  Events already in the diary for 2018
       John Peel's Shed.  There are many other great artists already booked.  YveMaryB & Tony Brook - Sunday Session 18 February 2018
       The main event of the year is Deepdale Festival in late September,
       which hosted over 24 artists and bands in 2017, across three stages and  Live music begins at 7.30pm, Gates open 7pm
       a secret venue.  The Deepdale Hygge, Deepdale’s celebration of the  Enjoy a sitting room session with these country folksy bluesy
       North Norfolk Coast in late March, will also host great live music.  And  song writers, known as Gypsy Candlestick, in the intimate set-
       then there are the Sunday Sessions, happening most months on the  ting of Deepdale Backpackers sitting room.
       third Sunday.
         “We  always  knew  that  Deepdale  had  the  potential  to  be  a  great  Deepdale Hygge - Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th March 2018
       music venue, a ‘build it and they will come’ location.  Sitting in the  The Deepdale Hygge is our celebration of the North Norfolk
       backpackers’ courtyard in October under clear skies with the fire pits  Coast, a collection of the things that bring us happiness - live
       burning and Falling From Trees entertaining over 70 people, we knew  music, the great outdoors, meeting old friends and new, enjoy-
       that the first year of Deepdale’s music programme had been far more  ing the best of the North Norfolk Coast.
       successful than we could have hoped.” said Chris Haycock, Operations
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