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       First word

                               It’s February, not quite spring, still
                               cold and damp and some would say
                               a  bit  depressing,  but  I’ve  been
                               thinking about what’s good about
                               the month and as it is my list you’ll
                               just have to accept that food features
                               quite prominently!
                                 After a month of abstinence, you
                               can  enjoy  pies  with  amazing
                               shortcrust pasty, warming stews and
                               mussels in white wine and cream
                               plus  of  course  a  decent  glass  of
                               wine. It is pancake day on 13th that
                               also falls during half term so plenty
                               of opportunity for fun in the kitchen.
                                 Lastly, being a short month, you
                               won’t be nearly so short of cash in
       the last week as you usually are. So chin up and enjoy!
        Valentine’s Day is on 14th February, many of our local restaurants
       have special menus for the day and Scent with Love is on standby for
       all your floral needs - don’t say I didn’t give you plenty of notice.
        The waste paper to China piece in last month’s magazine clearly hit
       a nerve with many readers and I’m pleased to report greater quantities
       of clean waste paper being collected and recycled locally rather than
       shipped half way around the world. Just a reminder, the collection bins
       are at Glebe House School, Dersingham Scout HQ and Tesco.
        My thanks as always to everyone who has written for the magazine;
       part two of Veronica Welham’s trip to India and Nepal with the Leprosy
       mission on pages 63-64 is riveting, and Dick Melton’s plea for more
       letters last month (and perhaps Richard’s piece about the Brexit bill)
       has made for a lively letters section on pages 48-49.  Between editions of the magazine we post local news
        Thanks also to our advertisers and the delivery team. If you’d like  stories to the Town and Around website. Log on to
       to join the team and can spare an hour a month please get in touch.
        Until next month...                       to read what’s happening
       Best wishes                                         We also keep the diary page up to date with events. If
                                                           you want to have something added please let us know.
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