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       Hunstanton Lifeboat Station

       Geoff Needham
       From  all  at  the  station  we  thank  you  for  your  support  given  to
       Hunstanton RNLI.
        After a quiet period of no call-outs we kicked off the New Year with
       two shouts in 24 hours.  Crew paged to assist persons in water just two
       hours before they were due to sit down to their annual Christmas
       Dinner, arriving back at station with just a half hour to get home and
       change ready to sit down to their meal.
        Saturday 9th January at 5.30 p.m. Humber Coastguard requested
       launch of Hunstanton Lifeboat to go to the aid of persons in the water
       off Hunstanton.  Humber Coastguard received a report that two persons
       were in the water trying to recover a Jet Ski and were in difficulty.
       Hunstanton Lifeboat arrived on scene, it was confirmed that the two
       were ashore and were being treated for hypothermia.  The recovery
       vehicle they were using had become stuck on the beach, completely
       submerged by the tide, the jet ski had floated off by the tide and was
       drifting  out  to  sea.  A  search  of  the  area  was  carried  out,  and
       illumination flares were fired to light up the area, nothing was found,
       and it was confirmed that no other person was in the water, the lifeboat  Robin then presented a certificate and Statuette to Dr. Ian Charles.  Dr.
       was stood down to return to station arriving back at 7.00 p.m.  The  Charles has been the station medical officer for the last 25 years.
       owner’s vehicle and trailer were recovered later. Any person finding  Michael Darby, senior helmsman then asked all to stand and raise their
       the Jet Ski is asked to report it to the Coastguard.  H.W. 6.03 p.m.  glasses to Dennis Stevens, Steve, as he was known to the crew, had
       Wind SE3.  Weather cloudy.   Vis. Good. Sea-state slight.    managed the collection boxes around the area, and his efforts had over
        Sunday 10th January at 3.50 p.m. Humber Coastguard requested  the years raised over £80,000 pounds, sadly no longer with us he
       launch of Hunstanton Lifeboat to a report of a kite surfer in trouble off  bequeathed in his will that the crew enjoy a drink with him, from all
       Hunstanton.  On arrival at search area a kite was recovered and it was  at the station Cheers Steve, and Thank’s to Biddy his widow.
       one that had been reported by its owner some two hours earlier as
       having blown out to sea.  After establishing that no person was in
       trouble, the kite was taken on board the lifeboat and brought back to
       the station, to await its recovery by the owner.  This was a call from a
       member of the public, who did the right thing and our crew carried out
       a quick response in daylight.  H.W. 6.40 p.m.   Wind SW 2   Weather
       Blue sky/cloud   Vis. Good   Sea state slight
        As stated after the shout, and the boat was re-housed and made ready
       for the next shout everybody went home to get ready for the Christmas
       Dinner, this year the crew chose to go to Caley Hall.  An excellent meal
       and the staff worked hard to make the evening a huge success.

        After the dinner, Robin, Operations manager of Huntstanton RNLI
       presented to Tim Richardson his certificate for his twenty-two years
       of service and commitment to the RNLI, he was also presented with a
       clock from the crew. Picture shows Tim and his son Sam holding the
        Sam is a crew member and is following on in his fathers steps.
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