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               NEW Saturday Opening times.                   Hunstanton
                     8.00am to 1.00pm.
       Hunstanton Eyecare will open on Saturdays from 8.00am and
       close at 1.00pm. Our first eye examination appointment will be
       8.05am.                                                                           Registered Opticians
        This month I am going to talk about a spectacle lens design that
       has evolved because of our modern day necessity to use computers  Outstanding eyecare and eyewear
       and much of our work taking place in the office environment.
        As with many new ideas, they have come about as working
       practices change and we have to invent new lenses for new visual
       tasks. They are classified as Enhanced Readers, and as the name
       suggests the lens is primarily for reading, close work and computer
       (intermediate distance) use, but it is far more flexible than a single
       vision  reading  lens.  When  wearing  your  single  vision  reading
       spectacles there is only one point of focus, but when we sit at a
       computer workstation, the computer screen may be positioned
       further away than the focal point of the lens. This means that either
       the computer screen will be out of focus or you will have to move
       it forward to bring it into focus, which is not always possible. The
       power of the Enhanced Reading lens “degresses” as you move your
       gaze up the lens from the reading position, therefore the slightly
       weaker power in the top section can be focussed on the computer.
       It is a gradual change in power and there are no dividing lines, so
       the lens still looks like a single vison lens. This type of lens could
       have many applications, perhaps an artist may need both a close
       distance to see the paint palate they are holding, but also their work
       on an easel which is positioned at arms length.  The change in
       power  is  minimal  which  allows  a  wide  field  of  view  for  the
       intermediate (arms length) and reading areas. . There are many
       designs of this type of lens and we can tailor the power to your
       particular needs.
        Spectacle lens design and fitting is the specialist subject of a
       Dispensing  Optician,  here  at  Hunstanton  Eyecare  we  have
       qualified Dispensing Opticians in attendance. Not all practices
       employ qualified dispensing staff, so look out for the qualifications
       “FBDO”, Fellow of British Dispensing Opticians. Dispensing a
       spectacle prescription correctly is vital, there is no point having a
       super eye exam with an Optometrist, only for your needs not to be
       met  by  inappropriate  dispensing.  Many  of  you  will  use  your
       spectacles  every  day  so  they  must  be  right  for  you  and  your
        We are very pleased to be able to communicate with you through
       this lovely magazine, and if anyone would like me to expand on  Eye Sight Testing Services
       an optical or ocular subject then I would be very pleased to hear
       from you. You can email us on, phone  We welcome NHS and private patients.
       on 01485 532326, or just pop into the practice in Church Street.  Assessment of diabetic retinopathy,
        We look forward to seeing you soon.                 glaucoma and macular degeneration
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