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                                                           Sweet dreams are made of this...
                                                           Robin Limb
                                                           Many  readers  of  this  may  be  isolation. The fact that both cane
                                                           switched off instantly by the very  and   beet   sugar   are
                                                           mention  of  the  word  “Sugar”.  indistinguishable in their refined
                                                           Despite   a   constant   and  white  forms  does  not  help  -
                                                           determined bombardment against  market differentiation is not an
                                                           this simple carbohydrate crystal,  option.
         THE GARAGE, CLAY HILL, TITTLESHALL                the world seems convinced that  Currently,   global   sugar
                    01328 701531                           if we simply remove sugar from  production exceeds demand, and
                                                                                     hence world market prices are on
                                                           our diets, then all the problems of
                       obesity will somehow magically  the deck, and running below the
                                                           be resolved.              average cost of production. But,
                                                             After maize, sugar is the next  as we all know, the cure for low
                       Dover Castle,                       biggest  food  commodity,  by  prices is low prices – and vice-
          Medway Festival of Steam at Easter               volume, in the world. At global  versa.  Growers  switch  to
                                                           production  of  around  170M  alternative crops, and eventually
                           4 Days                          tonnes,  and  growing  by  about  the super-tanker of supply begins
                                                           two   percent   annually,   it  an about-turn.
             Mercure Great Danes  Hotel***                 commands  not  only  economic,  Unlike   our   oil   supply,
                                                           but political importance too.  however, the food market cannot
                                                             The sugar world is divided not  be turned on or off at the twist of
          Friday 25  – Monday 28 March 2016                just into cane or beet sources, but  a  valve.  It  takes  at  least  a
                                                           also in terms of net importers and  growing  season  before  food
                    Holiday Highlights                     net exporters. By far and away,  commodity markets can respond
                                                           the  greatest  exporter  is  Brazil,  to changes in demand, due to the
                        Dover Castle                       and  the  biggest  importer  is  very nature of the industry. This
               Chatham Festival of Steam                   China. Although the world sugar  supply  lag  inevitably  creates
                                                           market is an option for producers  uncertainty  and  volatility,  with
                         Rochester                         it is, in reality, a market of last  only  the  market  speculators
                                                           resort.                   benefiting from the situation.
                    Price: £245.00                           Most  of  the  world's  sugar  Cost  of  production  will
                                                           production is traded under closed  ultimately be the benchmark by
                                                           bi-lateral   agreements,   and  which we judge the winners and
                                                           happens  within  a  cocoon  of  the losers, with many inefficient
                                                           protectionist  trade  and  tariff  third-world countries losing out,
                                                           barriers. Despite the exhortations  and the more efficient, developed
                                                           of  the  now  failed  Doha  WTO  world  industries  gaining  as  a
                                                           forum, in reality it is not about  result.  Egalitarianism  is  a
                                                           free-traded sugar - or indeed any  laudable objective to aim for in
                                                           other commodity - but about self-  life, but in terms of cold, harsh
                                                           preservation on the global stage.  market  reality,  it  is  only  the
                                                             Vested  sugar  interests  are  strong  that  will  survive  and
                                                           apparent wherever you look: The  dominate. As Sir John Harvey-
                                                           EU, the USA, China, Russia and  Jones  once  famously  said:
                                                           Brazil, to list but a few. Everyone  "There is, sadly, no reward for
                                                           is trying to blame the rest of the  effort - only results..."
                                                           world  for  protectionism  and  Who am I to disagree...?
                                                           subsidies,  while  in  reality,  all
                                                           they  really  want  is  to  enjoy  a
                                                           comfortable existence in blissful
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