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       Let them eat cake (bird cake that is!)

       With  the  RSPB’s  Big  Garden
       Birdwatch  on  30th  and  31st
       January in mind, here are some
       valuable  tips  to  prepare  your
       garden for your visitors.
        A bird’s body clock works on
       daylight hours, so in the winter
       months   there   are   great
       opportunities  to  view  the  birds
       feeding at first light, which can
       become a bit of a feeding frenzy.
       It’s  hard  to  believe  but  during
       cold weather birds can lose up to
       40  per  cent  of  their  weight
       overnight  just  trying  to  keep
        Food that’s high in energy is
       fantastic for birds during winter -  different  seasons  and  different
       peanuts, fat or suet based foods,  parts  of  the  country.  So  try
       seed mixes that contain sunflower  different types of food, and adapt  All types of garden work undertaken
       seeds or hearts, mealworms and  to  what  works  best  in  your  Garden clearance, hedge cutting,
       fruit will all go down well. You  garden.                tidying, grass cutting and much more
       can also make your own fat balls  It’s  good  to  invest  in  quality
       and cake mix using lard and suet  feeders  and  roofed  bird  tables,  For a free no obligation quote call
       – a great rainy day activity with  which will keep food dry and stop  Andy Harris on:
       the kids or grandkids!    it going off. As a good start, try a
        To make a bird cake place lard  hanging plastic feeder containing  Tel: 01485 544581
       and suet at room temperature in a  sunflower  hearts  for  (mainly)
       mixing  bowl,  add  in  uncooked  finches,  tits  and  sparrows  and  Mob: 0781 375 5572
       porridge oats, mild grated cheese,  hanging  mesh  feeder  with
       peanuts, sultanas, raisins and bird  peanuts for (mainly) tits.  41 Saxon Way Dersingham PE31 6LY
       seed. Mix it all together and roll  Place  the  feeders  out  in  the
       into balls or use shallow dishes to  open and high enough so they are
       create bird cake. Put them in the  out of reach of ground predators
       fridge to set, and when they are  like  cats.  But  they  need  to  be  BORDOLI
       solid place them outside.  close enough to thick cover like  BORDOLI
        However remember not to feed  bushes,  so  that  small  birds  can
       turkey fat to feed your birds as it’s  beat  a  hasty  retreat  from  aerial
       too  soft  and  can  get  into  their  predators such as sparrowhawks.
       feathers,  which  can  cause  Now your garden is all set up    PIZZAS
       problems.                 to receive your feathered guests.
        Never  put  out  loose  peanuts,  If you need more inspiration pay
       dry, hard foods or large chunks of  a visit to RSPB Titchwell Marsh  MON:  RIPPER HALL DOCKING
       bread  during  the  spring  or  nature  reserve  for  bird  feeders,  TUES: INGOLDISTHORPE LAY-BY  From
       summer  months.  Parent  birds  birdfood  and  helpful  staff  and  WEDS: HEACHAM SOCIAL CLUB  5pm
       might take it back to their nests  volunteers.       FRI:   OLD HUNSTANTON SOCIAL CLUB
       and their young can choke on it.  For  more  information  visit
          Different  species  of  birds   or  T: 07565 754812       E:
       prefer  different  foods,  in  the  ring 01485 210779.

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