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                                                           Rookery  near  Stanhoe  was  alive  light, some catkins are just moving
                                                           with birds seemingly checking out  but plenty seem to be at full stretch.
                                                           nests,  this  seems  early  and  there  There are also trees hung with the
                                                           wasn’t much sign of birds over the  long dark Alder catkins. I think both
                                                           huge rookery near the Construction  trees use wind to aid the pollination
                                                           College.  At  Brancaster  Staithe  so  may  be  they  wont  suffer  too
                                                           (thankfully deserted) the tide was  much as the days get colder.
                                                                                       Have  you  walked  round  your
                                                           well out but there were the usual
          POPPYFIELDS                                      Oystercatchers,  Redshank  and  2  garden, I got a shock the other day
                                                                                     as I was feeding the birds and saw
                                                           Bartailed Godwits, I managed to
          Your complete local garden centre                spot  1  Turnstone,  it  was  being  that  the  Hawthorn  hedge  was
                                                           chased  off  the  mussel  piles  by
                                                                                     showing bright green new leaves
                                                           Oyster Catchers! In the water there  along the edges, the Witch Hazel is
        Poppyfields Drive, Snettisham PE31 7UD             was a female Golden Eye, a Red -  in full flower, a Cowslip plant and
        Poppyfields Drive, Snettisham PE31 7UD
                                                                                     a Primrose plant, both in pots are in
                                                           necked Grebe and a Little Egret. I
                Tel: 01485 544638                          had  a  good  time  there  and  then  flower and my Rosemary shrubs are
                Tel: 01485 544638
                                                           headed back up the escarpment to
                                                                                     also in flower. Along the main road
                                                           the Choseley area. Having found  to  Lynn  the  Gorse  is  a  mass  of
       Nature notes with Joanna                            Hares hard to spot recently I saw 9  bloom still, so much more flower
       MUD, PUDDLES and SOGGY BUZZARDS                     ‘haring’ away across the fields away  than  the  small  amount  needing
                                                           from a shooting party, their turn of
                                                                                     searching  out  to  full  fill  the  old
                                                           speed really is incredible and with  country saying about kissing being
       Haven’t we been having a real old  for them to eat.   They look so funny  the white spots on the backs of their  out of season if the is no Gorse in
       mix up of weather, last time I was  as they change legs, almost as if  ears they were easy to watch as they  flower.
       writing after we had had Desmond?  they are dancing a solitary minuet!   headed to far distant places. Further  The other things I am enjoying
       Since then we have had 2 or 3 more  I  also  saw  3  day  flying  Barn  on I spotted 21 playing games in the  are  the  colour  tones  in  the
       named storms and now it is at last  Owls, we have had night after night  big fields I call the gallops. I don’t  countryside.  I  have  always  been
       turning  colder  and  threatening  of high winds and often showers, as  know why I love them so much,  attracted to the painting of an artist
       something approaching winter.  the owls hunt by sound most of the  mind  you  the  children  are  never  called  Roland  Hilder,  His  winter
        There is a contrast between my  time feeding has been hard work,  short  of  a  present  idea,  my  landscapes are fabulous and colours
       last 2 Monday trips around the area,  hence the need to hunt during the  collection grew by a model, little  such  as  Payne’s  Grey,  Raw  and
       on Monday 4th the sun was shining  day, I am just hoping that it doesn’t  bag, two prints and a book over the  Burnt Umber Yellow Ochre, and
       and it was mild, there was a forecast  mean  a  high  mortality  rate,  the  Christmas break.  Sienna have always appealed to me
       for heavy showers, but I dodged  young find it hard enough to survive  The  roads  today  were  puddle,  and  he  uses  them  in  his  water
       most of them. As I left Lynn there  in good conditions.  lake and river strewn with all the  colours.
       was a beautiful double ½ rainbow  Today the 11th was wet, cold and  rain  and  the  fields  and  gateways  Finally  I  have  been  seeing
       in the sky. Driving around I saw and  breezy and on the way into Lynn I  were deep in mud, the big modern  Robins and Dunnocks flying across
       heard several flocks of Pink Feet  saw  the  soggy  Buzzards  sitting  tractors  are  too  wide  for  the  old  the roads and into opposite hedges,
       and in one area there were 2or 3  looking very fed up in a treetop. The  lanes and the verges are suffering,  they can be hard to tell apart but
       thousand  and  the  chatter  was  Woodpigeons  in  contrast  were  and the habit of cars carrying on  there are some clues, if they fly in
       fantastic, they really do love talking  enjoying their usual wash and brush  past  easy  passing  gates  doesn’t  low  and  disappear  like  a  brown
       do geese. I wonder what they are  up I see so often when it is wet.  help! What does everyone do with  mouse it usually means a Dunnock
       saying, it can’t all be ‘try the 5th  There were still Pinkfeet about and  the few seconds they think they are  and if they perch up the hedge and
       field on the right’ or similar food  on a road side I saw what I feared  saving! There is some life on the  flick wings and stand proud that is
       instructions.  Maybe  they  were  was a damaged Barn Owl spread  verges, I saw White Dead Nettle,  a Robin. It’s not always easy to spot
       complaining  about  a  disturbed  eagled, as I slowed ready to reverse  Ragwort  and  even  two  or  three  the  obvious  difference,  the  red
       night.                    it took off carrying its prey, it had  nearly open heads of Alexanders.  breast!
        The fields were full of gulls and  thankfully  just  been  mantling  its  The  other  plants  that  are  What else this crazy mixed up
       if you watch the Common Gulls  catch.  They  really  are  gorgeous  strangely early are the Hazel and  winter will have in store we can’t
       you can see them ‘pat paddling’ the  birds with their soft cream, gold and  Alder catkins. As I drive the back  tell but it is worth watching and
       turf, why it works I’m not sure but  white feathers! On the way to the  lanes inland the Hazel Catkins are  seeing what differences to winters
       the worms and soil insects appear  coast  I  noticed  that  the  small  showing very yellow in the darker  of old you can spot. Take care.
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