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Tel: 01485 533422 email:           Hunstanton Town & Around February 2016  19
       members may not be able to visit the Highgrove garden, in which case
       alternative arrangements will be made for them.      Balanis Gardening Services
        The next meeting of the Association will be on 18th February when
       the well-known garden writer Geoff Hodge from Peterborough will  So
       talk on “A Tapestry of Foliage”.  The meeting commences at 7.30pm  Garden Design   tel 078 12099123
       in the Hunstanton Community Centre and non-members are most  Maintenance
       welcome to attend on payment of a small admission charge.  Anyone  RHS Student
       wishing  to  join  the  Association  should  contact  June  Hammond, 
       telephone   01485    533763,    or     by    email, for further details.
       Mudpies & Butterflies

       with Louise Barby, Balanis Gardening Services

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       The  days  are  getting  longer,  there  are  snowdrops  and  even  some
       daffodils starting to emerge. Rainfall has been high, but temperatures       AND KINDLING
       tend to plummet in February.
        If your garden lacks colour, try planting Hellebore, sweet box or  Call: 01485 571299
       cyclamen to bright-en an area that you see from the house.
       • Divide congested herbaceous perennials.
       • Prune winter jasmine, cut back to flowered shoots
       • Transplant shrubs growing in the wrong place while they're dormant.  R‘N’R FENCING
                                                                            & Landscapes
                                                                           & Landscapes
                                                                            & Landscapes
       • Plant lily of the valley for both scent and delicate flowers.     & Landscapes
       • Deadhead winter-flowering pansies and bedding plants
       Fruit/Veg/shrubs:                                      Domestic, Commercial & Agricultural
       • Continue to plant hedging, shrubs, trees and climbers.  • DECKING • PERGOLAS • PATIOS
       • Force rhubarb for an early crop by putting an old bucket over it.  • TURFING • RECLAIMED SLEEPERS
       • Plant raspberry canes, in the ground, large pot or raised bed.  ALL ASPECTS OF LANDSCAPING
       • Move deciduous trees and shrubs as long as the ground is not frozen.
       •  Many  summer  flowering  deciduous  shrubs  can  be  pruned  from  FREE QUOTES • PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURED
       February  to  March.  Pruning  now  will  maintain  shape  and  form.  07881 947506    01485 572107
       Deciduous hedges can also be shaped now.
       Lawns:                                                     Prided on Quality & Reliability
       • Re-cut lawn edges to crisp up the appearance of the garden and save
       work later in the season. Lay turf, provided the soil is not too wet or
       frosty. Work from planks, to avoid compacting the soil.
       • Moles activity increases in February, as this is the mating and nest
       building season. Remove the largest hills and re-firm the ground before  SEASONED  LOGS
       overseeding with grass seed in spring.
       Armchair time:                                                        DELIVERED AND STACKED
       We often inherit flowers and shrubs in our garden.  It is very easy to
       just live with someone else's taste and vision.  Why not make your own  IN EASY TO USE SACKS
       mark. Jot down your ideas. Think about a border, some pots, hanging
       baskets etc. that you could de-vise a scheme for this summer. The seed  Suitable for open fire
       catalogue companies inundate us with choice at this time of year.
       Become a little more adventurous, grow something new, from a plug          and Log burner
       plant or seed.  It’s a very cost effective way to trialling a new idea.
       How lovely in the summer months to be able to say with pride, “I did
       that!”.                                                                  07584 088097
        If I can be of assistance with a new planting scheme or Spring time
       border revision, please do no hesitate to contact me.
       Happy gardening!.                                     North Norfolk Properties Ltd. Hunstanton 07812099123
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