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18 Hunstanton Town & Around February 2016                              Tel: 01485 533422 email:
                                                           Powered Gardening

                                                           Arco Garden Machinery
                                                           What  strange  weather  we  are  As people tend to live longer
                                                           having!  At the time of writing  and  many  wish  to  continue  to
                                                           there has scarcely been a frost,  tend their own gardens there is a
                                                           many   garden   plants   have  call for more user friendly power
               5 Station Road, Heacham  PE31 7HG           continued to flower and a number  units  and  battery  power  offers

                                                           of others have certainly made a  some  big  advantages.  On  the
                                                           false start. Many people are still  down side this technology does
                                                           cutting lawns, which is justified if  not come cheap and replacement
                                    Garden Machinery       they  do  not  cut  too  short.  batteries   are   also   rather
                                    Sales, Hire & Service    Scalping  lawns  at  this  time  of  expensive.
                                                           year is bad for the lawn and bad  The biggest growth area in the
                                    Call 01485 571789      for the mower, allowing moss to  powered  gardening  sector  in
                                                           develop and stuffing the mower  recent  years  has  been  in  pole
                           full of mud from worm casts and  pruners  and  hedgetrimmers.
                                                           even  mole  hills.  Although  we  Attachments are interchangeable
                                                           steam  clean  mowers  before  a  and also include rotary weeders,
                                                           service, a great deal of damage is  sweepers  and  scarifiers.  The

                                                           done to belts and clutches, not to  commercial  boys  have  really
            DIY,  Landscape or                             mention the ravages of corrosion.  taken  this  on  board  due  to  the
               Construction                                  Battery   technology   has  time  saved  in  moving  access
                                                           improved  in  leaps  and  bounds  equipment and we strongly feel
              Hire & Service
                                                           due to the introduction of lithium-  that  this  trend  has  plenty  of
            Call 01485 571789                              ion  technology  and  no  doubt  mileage left.
                                                           spurred on by spin offs from the  For  those  with  ambitious
          Check website for Hire                           car industry. Five years ago we  landscaping projects our hire fleet
                                                           actively  discouraged  potential  now  includes  micro  diggers,
         Fleet List & Special Offers                       customers from buying any but  powered high lift mini dumpers,
                           the lightest duty battery powered  mini-digger  mounted  post  hole
                                                           products.  There  are  now  some  augers  and  tree  stump  removal

                                                           fairly beefy commercial mowers  solutions. On a still larger scale
                                                           on the market incorporating this  are  diggers  up  to  five  tonnes,
                                                           new technology and time will tell  dumpers from one to three tonnes
         G & M FENCING & LANDSCAPING                       whether  the  faith  of  the  and tractor powered flail mowers,
                                                           manufacturers is fully justified.  pasture  toppers,  rotovators  and
                                                           This  has  been  partly  driven  by  stone burriers .
            Fencing, Decking  &  Timber-work
                                                           petrol costs and ever tightening  We  at  Arco  wish  you  all  a
                 Paths, Patios & Driveways                 emission  and  noise  regulations  happy and prosperous 2016 and
                                                           putting  increasing  pressure  on  may all your gardening efforts be
                    Drainage & Guttering
                                                           manufacturers.            rewarded.
               Hedge, Tree & Grass Cutting
                     Rubbish Clearance                     HUNSTANTON GARDENERS’ ASSOCIATION
             30 years in Construction Industry             At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Hunstanton Gardeners
                                                           ‘Association,  Canny Jones was re-elected as Chairman and reported
         Call For Free No Obligation Quote                 on the activities of the Association over the previous year.  Membership
                                                           numbers had increased during 2015 and the summer outings to gardens
             01485 298963 / 07917 725015                   in East Anglia had been very well supported and enjoyed by members.

                                                             Outgoing secretary Peter Davidson reported that as a result of an
                                                           enthusiastic response from members, an additional speaker will now
                                                           be included in the Winter Talks programme. Speakers engaged for
                STEVE PENN                                 forthcoming  talks  during  the  year  would  cover  a  wide  range  of
                                                           gardening topics, and included one of the UK’s leading experts on new
                                                           plant introductions.
                  ALL TYPES OF PAVING,                       Peter wished his successor, Alathea Gillard, every success as the
              GROUND WORK, BRICK WORK                      new  secretary  and  thanked  the  committee  and  members  for  their
                                                           generous support during his nine years in office.
           ONE & A HALF TONNE MINI DIGGER                    Canny Jones paid tribute to retiring committee member Max Dolby,
                    HIRE WITH DRIVER                       who, during his many years as a previous Chairman, had steered the
                                                           Association through difficult times to be the very successful local club
                   TEL: 01553 379815                       that it is to-day.  The Chairman concluded the meeting by thanking the
                                                           committee for its enthusiastic support, and looked forward to another
                   MOB: 07712 244825                       enjoyable year ahead.
                                                             Arrangements  are  now  in  place  for  a  three-day  holiday  to  the
                                                           Cotswolds in the summer, during which members will visit several
                        important gardens, including the Prince of Wales’ Highgrove garden.
                                                           Owing to restrictions regarding visitor numbers, some late-booking
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