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       Frozen pipes and the call of the wild!
                                                             DEAN BAKER
       Dean Baker
       Its    Saturday  lunchtime  in  the                   Domestic Plumbing & Heatiing Engineer
       Baker  house.  Chef  of  the  day,                                                          Reg No.97105
       me , and the younger members
       of the house are sitting down to                       ALL TYPES OF PLUMBING REPAIRS &
       Quorn burgers with blue cheese                          INSTALLATIONS, BLOCKED DRAINS,
       dressing,  topped  with  reduced
       sugar tomato sauce. We’ve had                            BOILER REPAIRS AND SERVICING,
       problems with excessive sugar                                     POWER FLUSHING
       consumption,  but  thats  for
       another article ! The current Mrs                                                       18 Belgrave Av.
       Baker is on the telephone in the                     Mobile: 07973 131906                  Hunstanton
       hall. After 5 minutes of fending                     Email:           PE36 6DQ
       off requests for ‘proper sauce’
       and  thwarting  efforts  to  feed  are the most common causes of  Find your stopcock -
       bread  roll  to  the  dog  by  the  frozen pipes -   Make  sure  you  know  where
       younger  members,  Mrs  B  -  Poorly  protected  pipes,  your home’s stopcock is. Check
       appears to take her place at the  which haven’t been sufficiently  that you can turn it off easily in
       table.                    insulated can be a problem.  an emergency. You may find it
        “Walthamstow Jo is going to
                                  -  Exposure  to  icy  draughts,
       Portugal to ride horses along the  usually as a result of cracks or  helpful to label the stopcock, so
                                                           you can easily locate it if your in
       Atlantic  coast.  So  cool  !  ”  .  gaps at the point where the pipe  a panic !
       Regular readers of this column  enters your home.   Check pipes regularly
       will recall that I met Mrs B in  -   Pipes   located   inside
       Walthamstow.  Some  of  her  cupboards, Warm air from inside  If  your  leaving  the  property
       friends   still   live   there  your home may not reach these  empty for a while ask someone
       unencumbered by husbands and  pipes if your cupboard doors are  to check the house regularly.
                                                           Maintenance is key
       children. As she nibbles her bun,  closed most of the time.
       I  notice  her  stare  wistfully  It may surprise you to know  If a taps dripping make sure
       across the garden.        that pipes don’t usually burst at  you  replace  the  washer.  If  a
        “She’s worried about leaving                       dripping  tap  freezes  it  will
       the house. I told her to put the  the spot where an ice blockage  certainly block your pipes.
                                 occurs.  As  you  know  water
       lights  on  timer  switches…  Oh  freezes and expands inside your  If you suspect that you have a
       …  and  I  told  her  burst  pipes  household  pipes.  Continual  frozen  pipe,  call  a  plumber.
       don’t  really  happen,  except  in  freezing and expansion of water  While your waiting, if you have
       films"                    inside the pipe causes pressure  an idea where the blockage is,
        I know ,I should have spoken                       protect your possessions. A burst
       up  but  indigestion  is  a  cruel  to  build  up  between  the  ice  pipe can cause a lot of damage.
                                 blockage and the closed tap. As
       thing for a man of my age ……  a result of repeated pressure on  Turn  off  the  stopcock  and  run
       ..                                                  the  tap  to  drain  off  water  that
       8 DAYS LATER AT           this  section  of  pipe,  the  pipe  may flood elsewhere . You will
       LUNCHTIME ..              eventually bursts.        need to defrost the pipe, check it
                                  To  ensure  that  water  flows
        “Dean,  Jo’s  on  the  phone.  freely  through  your  pipes  this  for damage and possibly replace
       She’s back home and no water  winter,  here  are  a  few  simple  it. If a pipe has burst, check your
                                                           insurance  policy,  dry  out  your
       coming out of her tap.”   tips:                     home  by  keeping  doors  and
        “Ask  her  to  check  with  her  Get insulated -
       neighbours to see if they have  Insulate  your  loft  and  the  windows  open  and  leave  your
                                                           heating on. Hire a de-humidifier,
       water and then call me from her  sides  of  your  water  tanks.  To  which will help to dry out the
       mobile and I’ll take her through  prevent  your  pipes  bursting,  room further. Lastly, keep any
       turning  off  the  water  and  wrap them in lagging. You’ll be  damaged items, your insurance
       draining the system”      able to buy this from most DIY  company may need to see them.
        “why”                    shops.                     Mrs B was right -  burst pipes  Hunstanton TIC
        “if  the  waters  not  off  its  Keep out the cold -
       probably a frozen pipe”    Most modern boilers have a  rarely happen but when they do  HUNSTANTON HISTORY
                                                           its grim, dirty radiator water can
        “Jo doesn’t have a mobile she                                                    RAILWAY PICTURE
       thinks   it   represents   the  frost   protection   thermostat  be very destructive and drying  available on:
                                 which turns on automatically if
                                                           out your home and claiming on
       suppression  of  workers  and  the temperature drops to a level  insurance is best avoided.
       resources  in    developing  that  will  cause  your  pipes  to  Talking  of  Mrs  B  -  we’ve  Art prints, post cards,
       economies   ….”           freeze.  Check  that  this  is  arranged a monthly day off for  greetings cards,
        I swallow hard           working properly.         her . Not enough time to reach  tea towels and magnets
        “On my way …….            In very cold weather, you’ll  the Algarve, but a day out at the
        This  is  what  Jo  and  anyone                                                    55p to £5.99
       leaving  a  house  unattended  in  need to leave your heating on a  'Walthamstow Art Trail', puts the  Town Hall, The Green
                                                           colour back in her cheeks - until
                                 low setting or set it come on a
       the winter months should do.  couple of times a day, especially  next month ….
         During the cold weather, the                                                       Hunstanton
       pipes in your home may freeze  if  the  house  is  left  empty  for  Dean Baker - 07973 131 906  01485 532610
                                 longer than a day or two.
       for a number of reasons. Here             
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