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14 Hunstanton Town & Around February 2016                              Tel: 01485 533422 email:
                                                           Mind the gaps

                                                           If winter has revealed draughty or rotten window and
                                                           door frames, you could be paying more to keep warm
                   st t t Nor
             W   est                                       than you should           more  problems  such  as  leaking
                         orfolk Glass
                                                           For  most  of  us,  a  cold,  damp

                         A family busi ine  ess since 1967  home   is   an   unpleasant  guttering or flat roofing. In fact,

                                                           experience, particularly when it’s  it’s  worth  spending  some  time
                                                           windy, rainy or snowing. While  reviewing  each  aspect  of  your
                                                           the  effects  on  our  health  are  a  property   to   check   for
                                                           worry, there’s also the potential  weatherproofing  and  security
                                                           that poor weather can cause long-  issues.
                                                           term damage to our homes too,  West Norfolk Glass is a local,
                                                           with  damp  conditions  often  family-owned business that has
                                                           leading to condensation, ruined  been based in King’s Lynn since
                                                           décor and plaster, and weakened  1967.  With  almost  50  years’
                                                           security.                 experience,  it  offers  a  10-year
                                                             Thankfully,   the   cost   of  guarantee  on  its  installations
                      ning times

           Showr oom opening tim           Specia            f:  replacement  double  glazing  for  which,  importantly,  are  carried
                                    ecialist installers of:
                 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm  • W  dows & doors        windows  and  doors  has  fallen  out by its own staff – rather than

                                   Windows & doors

                                   Windows & doors
                                     dows & doors
                                          & doors

                    Sat 9am-1pm                            considerably in recent years, with  temporary contractors. The result

                                 • PPor
                                 •             ches & conservatories  a range of products to suit every  is a seamless job, from a helpful


                     Her efor d W Way          ,    •  •           Orangeries & sunroooms     r  oms s  price point and property style –  sales team which works hard to

                  Har dwick Narrroows, ,                   from high quality uPVC to stylish  create  affordable  and  suitable
                  Hardwick Narr


                                 • PVC r oofline
                ynn, Norfolk PE30 4JD
           King’ s L Lynn, Norfolk PE30 4JD                options for period properties, and  solutions, reliable surveyors and

                                                ar r ports

                                 •            Garage doors & car ports  secondary   glazing   where  courteous, clean fitters.
         www k    • Secondary glazing  conservation  or  Listed  status  Geoff Parker of West Norfolk

                                                           restricts choice.         Glass says: “Today’s double and
                                    gle,  double & triple
                                 •  Sing   double & tr
                                                             Most  replacement  windows  triple  glazing  are  light  years

                                  g glazed solutions
                                                           and doors also require minimal  ahead  of  the  products  being
                                                           maintenance, making them ideal  installed  just  a  decade  ago.
             Call 01553 763164 for a fr ee quotation       for owners who prefer to spend  Nowadays glazing solutions can
                                                           their  time  and  money  on  more  harvest free energy from the sun,
                                                           interesting pastimes than DIY or  retain heat better and reduce your
                                                           home maintenance!         energy bills. Plus with traditional
                                 GARNER                      Double or even triple glazing  casement,  period  sash  and  bay
                                                           can make a significant impact on  windows  to  choose  from,  plus
                                                           reducing your home energy bills,  amazing  wood  effect  uPVC
                              STOVE SERVICES
                                                           but additionally modern materials  materials, we have a wide range
                                                           also help to keep homes cool in  of options for every property and
                            SURVEYS                        summertime, making your home  budget.”
                                                           a more enjoyable place to be all  West Norfolk Glass, Hereford
                                                           year round.               Way, Hardwick Narrows, King’s
                                                             While  you  may  be  aware  of  Lynn,  Norfolk  PE30  4JD  tel:
                                                           rotten frames or draughts in your  01553   763164   visit
                                                           home from windows and doors,
                            CHIMNEY LINING
                                                           this time of year often reveals far
                            CHIMNEY SWEEPING
                                                           Tourist Information Centre new product
        Have you ever thought of having a wood burning stove?
        Here are some of the questions everyone asks.      A little piece of Hunstanton History
        How much will it cost?                             courtesy of British Railways, this
        What sort of stove do I need?                      lovely print is now available in a
                                                           range of items:
        Do I need to line my chimney?                      An art print 11” x 14” £5.99
        Do I need a chimney? (no)                          Greeting card £1.80
        These are some, but not all, the questions.        Post card 55p
        Give Ashley of Garner Stoves a ring and he will answer  Tea towels £4.99
        them for you (hopefully).                          Magnets £1.99
                                                             This   stunning   picture
        Garner Stove Services are a local HETAS registered solid  captures Hunstanton in times
        fuel fitter, that can install and maintain any solid fuel fire   gone  by  and  evokes  some
                                                           wonderful memories. We are
        including sweeping and servicing.
                                                           confident demand for these
                                                           items  will  be  high,  so  get
            Tel: 01485 534082 Mob: 07837 364450
                                                           yours now.
           22 Crescent Rd, Hunstanton PE36 5BU
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