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       Learners of Love

       Grace Ologhoejebi
       When you are learning to drive everything is new and there
       is a lot to learn. Where things are, how to do a few things at
       the same time, signs and symbols, and what they mean as
       well as looking out for other traffic on the road.
        With love its similar but instead of one test, you will have
       a series of tests throughout and many of them you may have
       to re-do a number of times. But that’s the good thing about
       love – there are lots of second chances to pass!!
        When I was learning to drive there came a point when the
       instructor told me I had to start concentrating more on what
       was  happening  outside  the  car  –  not  just  focus  on  the
       controls! It isn’t always about you! In relationships, we need
       to see the bigger picture, we are just one little car, but in
       traffic, we affect other people in our lives.
        When you are in love you notice all the wonderful things
       about the other person, but its when you know all the faults
       and ugly bits and are still able to love, that the roots of the
       relationship are able to strengthen and grow down deep.
        I don’t believe that love is an emotion, a feeling. I think
       its  a  choice. When  you  don’t  feel  like  loving,  but  love
       anyway – that’s what counts.
        Love is, as I said, good at second chances. There will be
       times  when  this  may  have  to  be  third,  fourth  or  100th
       chances! True love always forgives and doesn’t hold on to
       mistakes of the past.
        As a learner of love, I have found that loving another is
       not highlighting the wrong bits and trying to change them,
       but encouraging the good bits, being thankful and showing
       genuine appreciation. Kind words and actions, it may seem
       obvious, but small gestures can turn a troubled situation
       around.  If you do this daily, you are storing up love in your
       fuel tank for a day when petrol prices soar sky high!!
        Know your partner! Not every car takes the same fuel or
       oil. Not every engine is in the same place, but so far no car
       has been invented that can run on no fuel at all!! What is an
       act of love to you might mean nothing to them. Be a love
        Encourage and exhort your beloved to be the best version
       of them they can be. People do change and cars can be fitted
       with new and better parts! Some may need more work than
       others, but with love nothing is impossible!
        When you are driving though life you must be aware of
       what is going on on the road. There might be times when
       you need to slow down or back up a little if you see the other
       learner is struggling and needs space for a manoeuvre! Its
       amazing how much more patient we are with other learners
       on the road when we know we are learners ourselves!
        There will be times when you are off-roading, exploring
       new territory, or plain sailing on a quiet motorway, but a lot
       of  the  true  loving  comes  in  the  busy  rush  hour,  on  the
       jammed up roundabouts and  in the overcrowded multi-
       storey car park!
        So enjoy every minute and look for every opportunity to
       love. Store up the beautiful, the wonderful, the amazing
       moments.  Only  use  your  horn  as  a  gentle  warning  or
       greeting. Take care of other drivers, help them to pass the
       test you have already been through.
         And remember we are all learners in love!!!!
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