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10 Hunstanton Town & Around February 2016                              Tel: 01485 533422 email:
                                                           Lifeboat crew extra

                                                            Hunstanton RNLI crew member’s taking part in the Christmas Day
                                                               swim, promoting the RNLI ‘campaign Respect The Water’
                                                                  Picture shows our new younger crew taking part.
                                                           Mayor's Notes
                                                           Andrew Murray

                                                           Over  the  Christmas  period,  I  was
                                                           privileged to join in the festivities
                                                           with the Lions at the United Services
                                                           Club  and  the  churches  at  the
                                                           Methodist  Church  and  the  Carol
                                                           Service at the Union Church.  It was
                                                           very  unfortunate  that  the  weather
                                                           disrupted the events at the Christmas
                                                           Cracker but community spirit seems
                                                           to be alive and well.
                                                             Thanks to the hard work and artistic talent both the pantomimes
                                                           'Aladdin' at the Princess Theatre and 'Shoemaker and the Elves' at the
                                                           Town Hall were great successes.
                                                             Over the past year the administration of the Town Council has been
                                                           through a difficult period.  Because the Deputy Town Clerk went on
                                                           long term sick leave,  Lisa, our Town Clerk was overloaded with work.
                                                           It was a matter of good fortune that Mrs Jan Rooms took up a post in
                                                           the Tourist Information Office and was found to have an excellent
                                                           practical knowledge of the Sage accounting system.  For a while during
                                                           the summer she worked both in the TIC and in the office but more
                                                           recently she has worked as an assistant to the clerk.  Following a
                                                           competitive interview, I am delighted to say that Jan has just been
                                                           appointed to be Deputy Town Clerk.  She has a charming personality
                                                           and is keen to become a fully qualified Clerk.  She will be a great asset
                                                           to Lisa, the council and the town.

                                                             Smithdon High School, Hunstanton & District Chamber of Trade
                                                               and Hunstanton Town Council are working together to offer
                                                               students aged 15-19 years job and apprentice opportunities.
                                                             There is a notice board at Smithdon High School where vacancies
                                                             and apprenticeship opportunities can be displayed thus giving the
                                                                Children a stepping stone to adult life and responsibility.

                                                                          Contact: Mr Lee Scarisbrick
                                                                        Work Related Information Adviser
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