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       Remembrance Sunday and the USAF 67th

       John Maiden
            his year's Remembrance Sunday fell of
            the eve of the 70th Anniversary of the
      TUSAF 67th Special Operations
      Squadron, because on November 14th 1952
      the 67th was activated, as an  Air Rescue
      Squadron, at RAF Sculthorpe. It is hard to
      believe that more than ten years have passed
      since RAF Flight Sergeant Mark Service
      contacted me, as Chairman of Hunstanton
      Civic Society, to ask if Hunstanton would be
      interested in celebrating the 60th Anniversary
      of the 67th. I was an elected Town Councillor
      at the time, and it was very pleasing to find
      my fellow  Town Councillors working in
      harmony with the Civic Society in order to
      renew and strengthen the bond of friendship
      between our town - widely known as "little
      America" in the 1950's - and the USAF in                              Southbeach Road.
      general and the 67th in particular, for its major                       Thanks to our archives in Hunstanton, I was
      role in rescue operations on January 31st                             able to show Jackie a picture of a children's
      1953.                                                                 outing to London (left) on which she was able
                                                                            to identify her mother, Joyce, together with
                                                                            Joyce's younger brother Derick, who was one
                                                                            of my friends at primary school. Later in the
                                                                            day Jackie and her husband were introduced
                                                                            to the current Commander of the 67th, Lt Col
                                                                            Michael Bien at the Sculthorpe Heritage
                                                                            Centre.  They will meet again on the last
                                                                            Sunday in January 2023 when we
                                                                            commemorate the 70th anniversary of the
                                                                            Floods. Much more on that story next month.

        The Hunstanton Civic Society's Heritage
      Centre has been very successful in collating
      information about the Floods, and on
      November 13th collaboration with RAF
      Sculthorpe Heritage Centre succeeded in
      shedding more light on one episode from that
      dreadful night. RAF Sculthorpe Heritage
      Centre's Curator, Ian Brown, introduced me to
      Jackie Hartley, the daughter of Joyce
      Stubbins, a Floods survivor thanks to Freeman
      A Kilpatrick, awarded the George Medal for                            Lt Col Michael Bien receives a framed print
      saving the lives of 18 of his neighbours on                                from Ian Brown - Nov 13 2022

                                                                               More about Remembrance Sunday in
                                                                                    Hunstanton on page 12

        Jackie with the current Commander of the
             67th, Lt Col Michael Bien       The procession leaves the United Services Club for the Hunstanton War Memorial
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