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       Introducing Complete Garage Doors

            es Tite owns and runs the Complete Garage Door Services
            company in King’s Lynn. He has over fifteen years’ experience
       Lin repairing, automating and installing garage doors. One of Les’
       recent installations was for customised Hörmann doors and David
       O’Mara from Hörmann writes about the project for Town and Around.
         Creating a secure and functional space was one Hörmann cus-
       tomer’s main priority when he undertook the task of creating a cart-
       lodge to accommodate his motorhome and kit cars.
         During the planning phase, the homeowner had to take into account
       the unusual height of the opening, which was higher than a typical
       garage due to the size of the campervan and additional height of the
         The homeowner said: “A lot of research was involved in selecting
       the most appropriate doors, which was probably the hardest part of the
       project, as I knew that hinged wooden doors would have been far too
       heavy due to the size and the windage could prove dangerous. It
       quickly became apparent that sectional garage doors were also not an
       option in the size we required.”
         He liaised with Les Tite at Complete Garage Doors to find the most
       suitable option for the bespoke project. The new overhead RollMatic
       OD door from Hörmann UK was recommended for the cartlodge as it
       opens vertically, features a narrow design to allow fitting in very tight
       spaces and only requires a lintel of 60mm.
         The customer commented: “The cartlodge faces our kitchen win-
       dow, so whilst the functionality of the garage door was vital, it was also
       important that the overall appearance was aesthetically pleasing.
         “The Hörmann RollMatic OD doors were just what we needed, in
       terms of both practicality and style, and we couldn’t be happier with the
       finished result. We especially like the soft start and stop feature which
       means that the doors travel smoothly and don’t feel clunky, despite the
       extra-large size.”
         A picture of this installation can be seen top right in the advertise-
       ment that accompanies this article.
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