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8 Hunstanton Town & Around                                                             December 2012
                                                             7000 acres.  Some of the boundary marks that he put in still exist
        A Page from the Sage
                                                             inscribed J.M (Johannes Motteux).  The Estate today covers some
        Dick Melton                                          20000 acres.  Albert Edward, Prince of Wales bought the Estate on 11
                                                             October 1862 for £219,000.  The Norwich Gates were constructed by
        First  of  all  I  would  like  to                   Barnyards of Norwich and were presented to the Prince on his wedding
        mention  the  British  Legion                        day, 7 April 1863 as a present from the people of Norfolk. He had a
        Appeal and the service that is                       two laned bowling alley built in the house in 1881 but in 1901 it was
        held at about this time of the                       converted  into  a  library.    The  Prince  of  Wales  was  very  fond  of
        year     around     the                              shooting.  Because of this the clocks on the Estate were advanced by
        Commonwealth  War  Graves                            one hour so that the guns could get an extra drive in after lunch.  This
        in Hunstanton each year.  This                       custom was retained by George V but when Edward V111 acceded to
        year, on 27 October 2012, we                         the throne in 1936 he had all the Sandringham Time clocks reset to be
        chose  a  very  wet,  cold  and                      the same as the rest of the Kingdom.  The annual head of pheasant shot
        windy  day.    Nevertheless,                         at Sandringham between 1870 and 1910 was over 30,000.
        about twenty hardy souls were                         One of the earliest statues to be erected in the grounds was the
        there  including  the  standard                      Chinese Joss.  It dates back to 1690 and was brought back from Peking
        bearers, the Mayor and four or                       in the battleship H.M.S. Rodney by Sir Henry Keppel.  The statue was
        five  very  cold  Brownies.                          shipped into King’s Lynn then brought to Sandringham by road in
        There  are  twenty  people                           1870.  In 1950, the late Queen Mary purchased the statue of Father
        buried there, from around the                        Time and had it erected next to the Chinese Joss in the north gardens.
        world.  None of them should                          In  2000,  a  gentleman  from  Hertfordshire  was  looking  round  the
        ever be forgotten.                                   gardens, saw the statue and thought that the handle of the cycle was
          I have been asked to write about the Hunstanton Fire Brigade.  It  looking a little worse for wear.  He wrote to the Queen about it.  She
        started here in 1918.  Until then most of the fire engines and pumps  had a new one made and then invited the gentleman back to see it.
        were privately owned.  Indeed, when there was a fire at Hunstanton  After a fire in the House in 1891 and great deal of building and
        Hall in 1853, villagers armed with their buckets drew water out of the  improvements were carried out so that by 1909 Sandringham House
        moat and a messenger was sent to Heacham where the Reverend R  contained more than 365 rooms, more than any other British private
        Rolfe had two fire engines that were pulled by horses.  house.  In the 1970s more improvements were made and the number
          The first Fire Pump in Hunstanton was pulled behind a dust cart. At  of rooms reduced.
        that time the fire engines were kept in various places in the town – the  Wishing you all, especially those who deliver Town and Around, a
        Town Hall Yard; Hunstanton Urban District Council yard at the bottom  Very Happy Christmas.
        of Southend Road; behind the Eastern Gas Office in Valentine Road
        and at the rear of more than one Garage.
          The  Hunstanton  and  Hunstanton  North  Fire  Brigades  and  the
        Auxiliary Fire Service was constituted on 1st April 1939. The two fire  ICS
        stations were situated on the Council Office Yard behind the Town Hall
        and at the rear of the Lodge Hotel, Old Hunstanton.
          The nearest Fire Stations to these were at Fakenham and King’s
        Lynn.  On a very hot day in 1943, Hunstanton Fire Brigade received
        eleven separate calls to grass fires and corn fires.  On that same day,  The smarter way to deep clean
        King’s Lynn Fire Brigade received over one hundred separate calls.
          The superintendent of the two Hunstanton Brigades was Mr Mudie.   Carpet Cleaning
        There were eleven full time eleven Fire Men and eleven auxiliaries at  Upholstery Cleaning
        the Hunstanton Station and seven Full Time men and eight auxiliaries
        at the Old Hunstanton Station. There were also other members of staff:  Chimney Sweeping
        three patrol drivers, three messengers and two clerical staff.   During  Free Home Quotations
        the 2nd World War, the auxiliary engine at Hunstanton was stationed
        in Westgate, behind the old British Legion Club.  Both of the Fire  Fast drying times
        Stations were closed down and the new one was built next to the Police  Honest pricing
        Station on old orchard land around 1970.Now for a little bit of Norfolk  We remove and replace
        squit.  Six old boys were sailing out of Great Yarmouth on a fishing
        trip.  One of them, feeling a little unwell, was hanging over the side of  all furniture
        the boat when his false teeth fell out and went to the bottom of the sea.  The most advanced
        About half an hour later one of his mates caught a large cod.  So the
        fisherman took out his false teeth a put them into the mouth of the cod.  method of cleaning
        He then shouted to those on board to show them what he had caught.   Member of the
        “I’ve found your teeth.”  His mate grabbed them and put them into his  Institute of Chimney Sweeps
        mouth.  “They are not mine, they don’t fit. He took them out and threw
        them back into the sea.
          Next there is a little bit of trivia about Sandringham.  The village of  Please call Neil on
        Sandringham is mentioned in the Doomsday Book (1086) as Saint  01485 543062 or 07539874721
        Dersingham, meaning the sandy part of Dersingham.  There has been
        a house on this site since 1296.                
          In 1830 John Motteux Owned the Sandringham Estate and it covered
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