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December 2012                                                             Hunstanton Town & Around 7
        Borough and Town Councillor’s notes
        Richard Bird
                                                               The Spinney
        I have been blessed this month with a lot of good news to report. Firstly
        more rubbish, your response to the article in last months magazine was
        probably the biggest ever, people have written, ‘phoned and stopped  Enhancements
        me in the street to comment on the topic of the rubbish recycle process.
        Generally speaking the response has been overwhelmingly positive  drop in session
        with satisfaction of this option coming from all quarters; please watch
        out for future developments.                           2-5pm Friday 14th December
          There is shortly to be a change in rubbish collection, a new contract  Hunstanton Community Centre
        has been awarded to a well established company called ‘Kier’ some
        may remember the builders ‘French Kier’ this company comes from  We would love to hear your views and ideas.
        that heritage. The new company will be starting operations in April  Can’t make it? Visit
        2013. They will have a brand new fleet of lorries especially for their
        new tasks. They include onboard computer management systems and
        the ability to segregate the collected waste.
          Currently many of us have a big green bin for recycling paper and
        plastic, some have a big brown bin for garden waste and all of us (with
        some exceptions) have a smaller black bin for general waste. Shortly
        most households will be receiving a ‘CADDY’ this much smaller
        container  that  has  a  waste  bin  included  to  go  under  your  sink  or
        somewhere similar. This is for food waste only, it can be used with a
        specific liner (old supermarket bags won’t do) or without any liners at
        all. The  liners  will  be  available  from  the  Boro’  to  start  with  and
        hopefully the supermarkets will stock them later. This ‘CADDY’ will
        be collected weekly, it should be noted the use of the ‘CADDY’ is not
        compulsory and this waste can be put in the black bin, without any fear
        of fines or penalties, however if you want to help our society and you
        have no alternative, like a compost heap or wormery for your vegetable
        peelings, then to help all of our futures you should use it.
          Your current smaller black bin will be replaced with a bin the same
        size as the green and brown ones; now then, here it gets slightly tricky,
        every week on a specific day not necessarily the same day as now, the
        caddy will be collected, and on alternate weeks the green or black bins
        at the same time. You will soon get used to it. The new bigger black
        bins will be getting delivered starting at the end of February, if you
        decide to keep the smaller bin, you can, just advise the operator.
        HELPLINE 01553 616200.
          In Hunstanton, the Regeneration process is coming to fruition. The
        Spinney  project  is  a  step  closer  with  the  appointment  of  the
        architectural practice being made, I saw the selection process and was
        really impressed with all the candidate companies but especially the
        winning group, I believe they will be considerate and caring, as a bonus
        they want more tree’s not fewer! The other works they have completed
        makes me feel really confident about their ability, understanding and
        competence. There will be a lot of consultation, so you can have your
        say and contribute.
                                                             contact and I will pass your details to the Secretary.
          Some people have come forward with some interesting suggestions
                                                              Hunstanton Sailing Club has got even closer to achieving its major
        about ‘sports clubs’ especially Tennis, hopefully some will come to
                                                             rebuild. The grants that have proved so elusive are finally coming to
        fruition, but don’t be bashful if you think you have an idea please let
                                                             fruition. With any luck the building works, Phase 1, could start before
        me know, grants could be available.
                                                             next  year.  This  is  such  a  major  Development  and  should  put
          The  local  SNAP  meeting  was  held  as  usual  at  the  Christian
                                                             Hunstanton  and  the  Sailing  Club  firmly  on  the  national  and
        Fellowship  Hall.  Downs  Close  Hunstanton.  Safer  Neighbourhood
                                                             international map.
        Action Panels are a great way to fast track problems that concern
                                                              The Lifestyles event for 2013 could be a very different weekend.
        Policing, Highways, Rubbish and Anti Social behaviour. If you have
                                                             Apparently the Boro’ are looking for a new regime, with perhaps more
        an  issue  you  can  attend  yourself  or  ask  your  local  councillor  to
                                                             involvement from the private sector, at the moment it all looks a bit
        represent you that includes me.
                                                             sketchy but I will do my best to keep you informed. What do you
          Hunstanton  and  District  Festival  of  Arts  held  their  A.G.M.  in
                                                             think? What would you like to see happen?
        November and appears to go from strength to strength. 2012 was very
                                                              There is so much more I would like to report but there just isn’t
        active with Dance, Theatre, Poetry, Photography, Fine Art, Youth
                                                             enough space.
        Activities, Beat Box, Street Dance and much more being highlighted.
                                                             My e mail is:
        2013 sees much more and if you would like to be involved please make
        email:                                               Tel: 01485 533422
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