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6 Hunstanton Town & Around                                                             December 2012
                                                                                       Dave  Thursby  was  a  hugely
              Hunstanton           Hunstanton TIC                                      successful television comedian, a
                  TIC              book of the month                                   national  treasure  loved  by  the
                                                                                       public, a devoted husband to his
          B BOOK OF THE MONTH                                                          fragrant wife, a model client for
                                   Hunstanton Born and Bred by
                                                                                       his agent and a staunch friend to
               Hunstanton          Mary Rhodes, Price £8.00                            his  faithful  gag  writer,  Harvey.
             Born and Bred         In  remembering  a  childhood                       When  Dave  unexpectedly  pops
            by Mary Rhodes         which began in the mid-nineteen                     his clogs, these close companions
                                                                                       are  left  bereft.  There’s  now  a
                   £8              twenties, through adolescence in                    huge, aching void in their lives,
                                   the thirties, to the early years of                 and,  worse  still,  some  of  them
           Ideal Christmas present  the Second World War, the author                   may be out of a job. As family
            01485 532610           recalls the small Victorian town  “Wife After Death”  and friends gather to give Dave a
                                   of  Hunstanton  as  it  then  was                   fitting send-off, it turns out they
                                   transforming itself into a thriving  – play by Eric  know rather less about him than
                                   and modern seaside resort.                          they’d imagined and a series of
                                    Born  over  70  years  ago,  she  Chappell.        revelations uncover some home
                                   and  her  sister  share  vivid                      truths  about  the  much-loved
                                   memories of a happy and carefree  Your may have heard that due to  comedy legend. Choking back the
                                   childhood   which   contrast  the  inability  to  cast  the  above-  tears and protesting their love for
                                   markedly with the anxieties and  mentioned play we have had to  Dave,  the  mourners  set  about
                                   restrictions of the war years.  postpone our autumn production  exploiting his comic legacy for all
                                    This book is now in stock, five  at   the   Princess   Theatre,  it’s worth”.
                                   of which are signed copies. Ideal  Hunstanton. The committee has  The  main  character  Harvey
                                   for a Christmas present.
                                                             now decided to put the play on as  Barrett  is  larger  than  life  and
                                                             our spring production on Friday  requires a person in his 40 to 50’s.
                                                             17th  May  at  7.30pm  and  18th  The other male, is a typical agent
                                      FOR SALE               May at 2.30pm and 7.30pm next  who really is more interested in
                                                             year at the Theatre.      the fact that he has lost his main
                                                              The play is a comedy written  source  of  income,  is  a  bit
                                      MOTHERCARE             by  Eric  Chappell  (writer  of  conniving aged about 40.
                                                             “Rising  Damp”)  and  is  a  six  If you would be interested in
                                       STAIR GATES
                                                             hander  –  four  women  and  two  auditioning for either of the two
                                                             males. Our difficulty is being able  male parts, please let me know
                                    1 BOXED & NEVER          to cast the male parts. Briefly the  (contact  details  are  below). We
                                         USED £15            synopsis is as follows:-  will  be  starting  rehearsals  in
                                                              “Harvey Barrett’s just lost his  February   most   likely   in
                                                             best friend...It’s time to cash in.  Dersingham or Hunstanton.
                                       2 X SLIGHTLY
                                     USED £12 EACH                              Rae Steward
                                                                         Secretary, Princess theatre Club
                                                                                8 Nelson Drive
                                    BUYER COLLECTS                               Hunstanton
                                                                              Norfolk PE36 5DU
                                                                              Tel: 01485 533420
                                      01485 532565            

        Tel: 01485 533422                                                   email:
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