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10 Hunstanton Town & Around                                                            December 2012
                                                             Every  bedroom  could  be  beautiful;  every  kitchen  could  be  a
                                                             masterpiece; every bathroom could be an oasis; every study could be
                                                             a peaceful retreat.  As his enthusiasm grew, Santa could picture media
                                                             rooms with every wire hidden away, with shelves and drawers for CDs
        Once upon a time – last December the 24th actually - Father Christmas  and DVDs.
        realised he was getting rather grumpy long before his reindeer were  Time was off the essence, so instead of wriggling down chimneys
        ready to head for home. The problem was that his visits into the homes  or through air vents in walls, Santa took every copy of Hunstanton
        of all the good little boys and girls in Norfolk left him with bumped  Town & Around that the lovely Mrs Bird had sent to the North Pole
        knees and an aching back from tripping over all sorts of things which  and began putting them through each letterbox across the region, so
        were lying around.  There never seemed to be enough space for him to  everyone would read about Kings Oak – one of the newest businesses
        carry the presents to the Christmas trees, because so many homes were  in Hunstanton but with a thirty year history in West Norfolk.
        disorganised with gadgets, equipment, clothes and books in all sorts  The Kings Oak company has been a preferred provider of beautiful
        of nooks and crannies.                               kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, studies and media
          Try as he may, he could not understand why so many flats, semi’s,  rooms for over three thousand clients across the county and beyond.
        terraced houses, maisonettes, large houses and mansions, were so  Every unit is precisely measured and hand-made individually, so every
        difficult to get around simply because there was not the perfect place  square inch of space is fully utilised. Owned and managed by Paul
        for everything to be put away. Why was it, he asked himself, that so  Barnett, son of David Barnett and nephew of Eddie Goodchild, the
        many homes were strewn with ‘things’?                founders of Kings Oak, Paul’s company has such extensive experience
          Surely, he thought, all those kitchen gadgets with trailing leads,  and design expertise that whatever your preferred style, from classic
        books and magazines piled up on coffee tables, chairs piled with  and traditional, to modern and contemporary, you can be sure a Kings
        clothes waiting to be put away and studies which looked like recycling  Oak installation will exceed your expectations. By working closely
        depots, could become a thing of the past. All it would take was having  with  every  client  from  the  first  inquiry  to  the  final  installation
        the right place to put everything away!              inspection, Paul and his team take pride in creating the rooms people
          As the night wore on, Santa’s bruises grew in number and shade of  will love to live in.
        blue. All he could think of was how much more comfortable people  Whether you need a small, unused area to become an attractive part
        would  be  in  beautiful  homes  with  a  place  for  everything,  and  of your home or have plenty of space to create a dream kitchen,
        everything in its place – and save him from tripping up as he delivered  bedroom, study, media room or bathroom, Kings Oak can offer so
        the Christmas presents next time.                    many choices of style, finish, colours, materials and accessories, you
          As he wearily pulled off his boots when he finally reached home,  will think Christmas has come early – whatever time of the year you
        he realised he already knew the answer to all the storage problems,  visit the Kings Lynn or Hunstanton Showrooms.
        badly designed kitchens and bedrooms, and messy home offices.    So, on behalf of Paul and all the members of his team – and Father
          Suddenly, Father Christmas realised his night was far from over.  Christmas – make sure you have a lovely Christmas and happy New
        This was his chance to give everyone the best Christmas present ever  Year by finding out how Kings Oak can make your home stylish, full
        – he would tell people how each and every home could be transformed.  of storage and life-style perfect, for years to come.

        Hunstanton in Bloom
        Max Dolby
        The long and wonderful display of wild flowers along the A149 is over at last. Even as the flowers themselves were fading, they were providing
        rich feeding for bees, moths and other insects. They have given us months of delight and provided valuable wildlife habitat at the same time.
        No doubt we shall all keep our eyes on the ‘wriggly beds’ at the start of next season.
          Our intrepid bulb planters will be putting in thousands more bulbs during the autumn and winter. Next year we should have gorgeous
        ranunculus joining our many bright displays. They will give really good splashes of colour. Look out for some new trees too.
          We all know that local authorities are finding their finances getting tighter every year: this will make a difference to the way some of our
        flower beds will be planted in 2013. The Esplanade gardens will still be planted with seasonal bedding plants, but many areas will be filled with
        perennial plants to give a long season of flower and foliage colour. We should still have many planted areas to enjoy, but we have to keep
        maintenance cost under tight control.
          We are delighted that the Community Orchard is progressing well. From a standing start it has added a really good and interesting area for
        us to enjoy. Well done to all those who manage and tend it. The ‘In Bloom’ judges were very impressed, quite rightly. Talking of orchards,
        rumour has it that a lost apple variety isn’t totally lost because a tree has been found in a local garden.

        Old Hunstanton Social Club                           with lots of music, games and prizes. Everyone is welcome.
                                                              On  Friday  28th  we  are  hosting  Bill  Brotherton’s  music  night,
                                                             featuring  the  very  best  of  local  musicians.  This  will  be  a  great
        We’ve got some great events planned for this month to help celebrate  opportunity for everyone to get together after the Christmas festivities.
        the season.                                          Our New Years Eve party will, of course be the most outrageous fancy
          On Friday 7th December we have our Christmas bingo, with lots of  dress event of the season. Jack’s Disco will be providing the music.
        special prizes for all. Do come early – eyes down 730pm.   Those of you who have heard Jack will know what a great night of
          We have a big event planned for the Solstice on Friday 21st -  the  music it will be. The club welcomes everybody – do come in and see
        great 9-piece soul/funk band Groove Cartel will be playing in the hall.  us during the coming month and sign up to be a member. It’s open to
        This will be a very busy night so come early. There’ll be a small charge  all.
        on the door.                                          And may we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy
          Saturday 22nd sees the annual kids Christmas party in the afternoon  New Year. Come to our events and celebrate with us!

        Tel: 01485 533422                                                   email:
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