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       The Barking Bugle - Walks with Pupstar
       Brancaster and Brancaster Staithe circular walks
              e absolutely love this part of the North Norfolk coast and
              although my pawrents and I have been on sections of both
       Wthe Brancaster and Brancaster Staithe walks before there are
       always plenty of new discoveries.
        Each walk is 4.5 miles in length but you can combine them if you
       are feeling energetic, which is exactly what we had decided to do.
       However, I will tell you about each walk individually first of all and
       then explain how you can link them to make one long walk. You can
       start each walk at various points but here’s what we did.

       We were lucky to do the Brancaster circular walk first on a really nice,
       cool, sunny day. We parked in a small lay-by just outside the village
       of Titchwell on the A149, a short distance from the church and a sign
       with the name of the village. (You can pick up a signpost for the walk   such as sycamore, oak, ash, silver birch, beech, elder, hawthorn, elm,
       from here). The first part of this walk takes you through some woods   lime, sweet chestnut, apple, hazel and holly. Phew! That’s a lot of trees!
       and then the scenery is totally pawsome as you emerge – you can see   For all you bird watchers out there you can spot many species
       the dunes and the beach in the distance.            including the firecrest, marsh harrier and turtle dove. Five species of
        The path is really easy to follow and if you fancy a dip in the sea   bat have also been seen here.  There are wonderful views to be had of
       you can just leave the path and turn left towards Brancaster Golf Club.   the North Norfolk coastline once you emerge from the woods.
       (This would be another good place to start the walk as there is a pay   The path continues down Green Common Lane where you then turn
       and display car park).                              left on the A149 and continue alongside the main road for a short while.
        Turning away from the sea you carry on walking along the path until   Then cross the road and follow the signpost which leads you closer to
       you reach Beach Road. Turn right and go past Brancaster church which   the sea. After a few minutes turn right and you will find yourself
       is on your left. Then cross the main A149 and walk a short distance up   walking close to the creeks and past Brancaster harbour. You pass by
       Mill Road before turning right – the route is clearly signposted.  The   the bottom of the White Horse pub, which is dog friendly, and keep
       path climbs a little at this point before flattening out again. Then you   going until you eventually turn right and go back to the main A149
       find yourself going down Chalk Pit Road which leads you back down   road. Cross the road and you will find yourself back at Burnham
       to the A149 again, where you turn right in order to reach the lay-by   Deepdale where the car park is.
       where you started the walk.
                                                           BRANCASTER AND BRANCASTER STAITHE
       One of the starting points for the Brancaster Staithe circular walk is at   I’ll now tell you how to combine the two walks if you are feeling
       Burnham Deepdale where there is a car park with a few shops, a small   energetic and want to go further.
       campsite with a visitor centre and also a petrol station. Walk alongside   Start doing the Brancaster circular walk and when you reach Beach
       the main road towards Brancaster and go past the White Horse Pub.   Road, which I mentioned at the beginning of my third paragraph, you
        Keep going until you reach the Jolly Sailor Pub where you turn left   turn left instead of going right. This heads back towards the beach and
       along Common Lane. Keep walking up the lane which is a quiet road   a few metres further on you turn right at the signpost for a footpath.
       without too much traffic – you can use the grass verge on either side   The route continues along a boardwalk. To your left you can see lots
       if a car comes along. This leads you to Barrow Common which is a   of creeks and in the distance you will see boats moored, bobbing too
       great area for my furry friends to explore. The road eventually bends   and fro on the water’s surface. We have been canoeing here and have
       to the left but keep going, and just before the junction turn right where   explored many of the channels several times. The path here is easy to
       the walk is signposted next to a little lay-by with enough room for three   follow as it winds its way past Brancaster Harbour, the Sailing Club,
       or four cars. There are other paths you can take to your right before   the White Horse Pub and beyond.
       the junction appears in order to access the Common, but if you want   Head towards the village of Burnham Deepdale where the
       to cover the entire distance of the walk take the signposted path just   Brancaster Staithe walk begins (see previous details). When you are
       before the junction.                                descending Green Common Lane you turn left on the main A149 road
        You might like to know that there are many varieties of tree here   and instead of crossing the road you keep walking. Go past Brancaster
                                                           Church and turn left up Mill Road and then turn right – the walk is
                                                           signposted and you will now be on the Brancaster circular walk.
                                                             Combining the walks means that you probably cover an extra two
                                                           miles so the total length you cover will be approximately 11 miles.
                                                           This is a long way so make sure you are fit and healthy and aim to go
                                                           on a cool day. There are some shady spots en route but there are equally
                                                           areas where you are totally exposed to the sun for long periods. It is
                                                           possible to take a doggy stroller but it is tricky in places so be careful.
                                                           It is not easy to maintain social distancing on the boardwalk stretch as
                                                           it is quite narrow.
                                                             Whether you do the two walks separately or combine them I would
                                                           thoroughly recommend you try at least one. The scenery is absolutely
                                                           pawsome! Please send me your pictures if you do go – I would love to
                                                           woof at them!
                                                           Woofs Pupstar
                                                           To download a map of both walks visit our website at
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