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       Amy’s new designs at Angelina’s

            ockdown for some was a challenge   Amy said: “I wanted to produce designs
            and for others it presented an   that are exclusive to us; I’ve chosen colours
       Lopportunity for creativity and so it   that I love for stock and I can produce
       was for Amy Coates of Angelina’s Curtains   bespoke colours for customers too.”
       and Blinds of Heacham.             The layout of the shop has been changed
        Former art teacher Amy learned lino cut   to comply to social distancing guidelines and
       printing at the Curwen Print Studio in   customers are seen on an individual basis so
       Cambridge several years ago, and over the   it is always better to phone for an
       past three months she has used the time when   appointment!
       the shop had to be closed to customers to
       create some new designs, some geometric
       and others incorporating ever-popular
       seaside images.
        Linoleum was invented by Frederick
       Walton in the 1860’s and it was developed
       into the flooring material that we are all
       familiar with. Traditional block printing was
       difficult and laborious to manage while
       linoleum was cheaper and much easier to
       work with. It wasn’t long before linocut
       prints became popular with artists but it was
       when Matisse and Picasso took an interest
       that its popularity spread more quickly.
       Picasso’s work in the 1950’s really moved it
       into the fine art category.
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