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       ‘Operation Raspberry Yoghurt’ honours the heroes of York Avenue

            n Saturday 11  July Hunstanton residents turned out to say   helped us keep tabs on vulnerable neighbours, you've delivered to
            thank you to the family that run the convenience store on York   people in lockdown and I know you've supported needy customers in
       OAvenue.                                            other ways.
        Customers, friends and neighbours gathered in the evening to pay   "This is all despite the fact that Asian people are more at risk of
       tribute to the corner shop which has supported them through lockdown.   serious complications if they do contract coronavirus.
        York Avenue Premier Convenience Store in Hunstanton has stayed   "I take my hat off to you for that, I truly do. You're brave people
       open throughout the pandemic sourcing essentials, delivering to self-  who have been our unsung heroes throughout this, so we just thought
       isolating customers and helping to keep an eye on those in need.   we'd turn up tonight to say thanks.
        Locals gathered outside the shop to thank Kumar and Jamuna   Mr Velummylum said: "We appreciate it, we really do. We've just
       Velummylum, who have run the business for six years, to thank them.   all tried to stick together and help one another."
        A collection to treat the couple and their two sons, Udaesh and   Mr Bishop later tweeted “Operation Raspberry Yoghurt was all
       Rajeenth, raised more than £1,000.                  about saying thanks to the fantastic people who run our local corner
        Customer Chris Bishop told them: "You've been a lifeline for our   shop for the amazing support they've given our community over the
       community over the last few months. You've sourced supplies, you've   last few months.”
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