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                                                              Hunstanton Festival Players
       My name is Eve and this time last year I was trying to decide whether to
       go to the Hunstanton Festival Players Pantomime auditions or not, I really
       could not make up my mind. I am a member of the JG DATA drama
       group but the thought of going along to the Town Hall with lots of people  Auditions
       I have never met before was a bit scary.
        The Panto auditions are held over 2 evenings. I decided to go on the
       first evening. Entering the Town Hall I was very nervous but within        for
       seconds someone came over to talk to me which made me feel more at
       ease. John Giller, who I knew from drama, welcomed everybody and
       explained how the evening would work. I will not spoil the evening for
       anyone wishing to attend this year but it was very different to what I  Hansel &
       expected. The only thing I will tell you is that you will not be required to
       read any scripts. This is kept secret until the first evening of rehearsals.
        At the end of the auditions John asked if we would like to attend the
       next audition evening as well, as I had enjoyed the evening so much I  Gretel’s
       could not wait for the next session.
        I understand that for previous Pantos those who auditioned had to wait
       a few weeks to see if they had been successful in getting a part. Last year
       we were told at the end of the second audition. I was one of the lucky  big adventure
       ones and was given the part of Princess Mary in the Frog Prince.
        If you are not the type to make a fool of yourself on stage in front of
       200 people we also need Behind the Scenes help with props, make-up,
       costumes etc. Some of the current cast started this way.  2014 Hunstanton Pantomime
        This year’s Pantomine, Hansel and Gretel’s Big Adventure is going to
       be bigger and better than ever. Not only has the production budget been  to be held at
       increased but we will be performing 7 shows between Christmas and
       New Year instead of the normal 6. A busy time for everyone.  Hunstanton Town Hall
        So if you are not sure about coming along to the auditions….. think
       again and come and join in with what we can promise will be a fun and
       funny evening.                                         Tue 19th & Wed 20th August
        Obviously they will not be able to cast everyone but at least you would
       have tried and had the opportunity of a free drama workshop with John  at 7pm
       Giller, our Writer, Director and Dame.
        If you are successful I guarantee you will have a blast.
        Auditions will be held at the Town Hall, Hunstanton, on Tuesday 19th
       and Wednesday 20th August starting at 7.00pm.                    WANTED
        Rehearsals will take place on Monday and Thursday Evenings from
       early September.                                      Actors, Singers, Dancers and
        I look forward to meeting you there, I had a brilliant time last year so
       I am auditioning again this year.                               backstage crew
       Eve Bodenham

                                                                    Rehearsals will start on the
                                                               evening of the 8th September, and
                                                                   continue every Monday and
                                                               Thursday evening up to Christmas.
                                                                 The show dates are 27th to 30th
                                                                    December and will involve
                                                                       Matinee and Evening
                                                                     For more information call
                                                                          Simon Bower
                                                                          01485 532392
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