Visit to Mr Bun the Baker is the cherry on the top for local schoolchildren

Visit to Mr Bun the Baker is the cherry on the top for local schoolchildren
Headteacher of Sandringham and West Newton VA Primary School, Mrs Gardener with children outside Mr Bun’s.

Twenty-one children from Sandringham and West Newton VA Primary School became bakers for the day on 12th June during a visit to Hunstanton.

The youngsters form Years 3 and 4, accompanied by Headteacher Mrs Jane Gardener, donned their aprons and got to work under the watchful eye of Peter Gohegan (Mr Bun) and following a Q&A session and thorough handwashing, the first job was to put the cherry eyes on novelty breads. This was followed by learning how to make a box, decorating and finishing biscuits, and the tricky task of filling doughnuts with jam before finishing them with a sugar coating.

Mr Gohegan said: “The purpose of today is to provide the children with a working experience in a safe environment where they can learn about hygiene and food handling.

“All the children will work in the different sections of the bakery as if the items were going on sale – and that includes at the baking table, which I believe is the only one in England that is positioned in the shop in full view of all our customers.”

At the end of the session each child packed the box they had assembled and filled it with all the items they had made. These were loaded onto Mr Bun’s delivery van and as the children left to board their bus to back to school, the van was already on its way to get there in time for the children’s arrival.

Mrs Gardener said: “This has been a wonderful day; we started at the Sealife Centre and then went to the beach to create artwork and have lunch before the visit to Mr Bun’s which has exceeded all our expectations.

“The children have learned a lot from their visit and I’d like to thank Mr Bun for his time and generosity.”

Other photos:
Darcie Askew with her Tortoise loaf complete with cherry eyes


Kateryna Musgrave working at the bakery table


Creating the boxes


Oliver Herbert dusting his biscuits with sugar


Chloe Southwell operating the doughnut filling machine


Poppie Hipkin sugaring doughnuts


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