Village road closed to prevent homes flooding in Burnham Market

Village road closed to prevent homes flooding in Burnham Market

A main road in Burnham Market has been closed following severe flooding.

Norfolk Highways introduced the emergency road closure on Thursday (4 February 2021) in a bid to prevent local homes from being flooded.

Homes on Church Walk had been flooded by passing vehicles causing waves in flood waters.

Barriers have been put in place and alternative route is via Whiteway Road, Main Road, Bellamys Lane, North Street, Market Place (Burnham Norton/ Brancaster/ Burnham Market).

Police were called to the area yesterday following reports that drivers had removed barriers in order to pass through.

Drivers are being urged to adhere to the emergency road closure and officers will be paying extra attention to the area while the closure is in place until Friday 19 February.

PC Lee Anderton said: "Officers did attend the area yesterday following reports that barriers had been moved to allow vehicles through and that drivers had been abusive to highways staff. The barriers are in place for a reason and motorists who flout the road closure could face a fine.”

Cllr Andrew Jamieson, local county councillor, said: "I’d urge people to take heed of the road closure as it’s there to help prevent the very distressing action from passing cars pushing floodwater into people’s homes. Thankfully many people are following the reasonably short diversion route, but I’m grateful for the police helping with enforcement to ensure inconsiderate motorists do not flout this essential road closure.”

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