Vigil for Sir David Amess to be held in King's Lynn

Vigil for Sir David Amess to be held in King's Lynn
Sir David Amess

Two West Norfolk women have organised a vigil to be held on 23rd October

People all around the UK heard the utterly tragic news of the murder of Sir David Amess yesterday and were left reeling from it. The depth of the feelings of shock and disbelief that this can happen to a public servant carrying out their duty was both immense and profound. Only five years ago Jo Cox, MP, was also murdered whilst undertaking the duties of a constituency MP, holding a surgery. Sir David was doing the same. There are no party politics when MPs are murdered or assaulted fulfilling their role in their constituencies - there are only communities who share the profound sense of loss and tragedy.

As before, when Jo was murdered, members of the community have come together to organise an informal vigil to remember Sir David Amess. Residents from the whole Borough of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk are therefore invited to come together at 2pm on Saturday 23rd October on the Saturday Market Place to show their support and condolences for the family, friends and constituents who have suffered this devasting loss and to pay their respects to Sir David Amess.

Candles will be lit and everyone can have the chance to pause and reflect on the ways in which public servants and elected members serve their residents. While many expect the life of an elected member to concentrate solely on the job, no one would expect them to die for it.

One of the organisers, Yvonne Bridger said “Violence in any shape or form has no place in a civilised community. And yet, last Friday, Sir David Amess lost his life in a horrific, senseless attack. For him to have lost his life suddenly and in the line of duty, as with Jo Cox, is tragic beyond words. Our hearts and our thoughts go out to the family of Sir David Amess, to his colleagues, to his friends and to all who knew him.”

Co- organiser, Jo Rust followed on “the whole country was shocked to the core when Jo Cox was murdered five years ago. I didn’t think I’d be facing and feeling the same again. By all accounts Sir David Amess was a role model of a constituency MP - hard working, caring, committed and devoted to the local area. He was always ‘talking up’ Southend, driving for city status. My heart goes out to his family and all those who knew him.”

This event will follow on from a Save the QEH demonstration in the town centre, outside the former Burtons Shop, which is running from 11am until 1pm.

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