Tile painting initiative for local students

Tile painting initiative for local students
Pictured: the finished tiles before glazing and installation.

In partnership with the HDFA (Hunstanton and District Festival of Arts) and Smithdon High School, Paint Me Ceramics owner Suzy Mason sat down with Year 7 and 8 students to paint fifty tiles which are to be installed on the seafront.

Two students from Smithdon High School had their designs chosen for the panel that will be installed on the promenade wall. Each design consists of twenty-five tiles and were painted by the students. The students worked in sections individually to ensure the final piece is cohesive.

Suzy said: “The tile project on the seafront is in its last leg for the next two panels. Smithdon students have been funded by HDFA to paint fifty tiles and they ran a competition at the school for two winners to sketch their designs. Overall the students worked amazingly together to ensure the piece flowed as one. I think it will look fantastic once installed.”


Suzy 2

(Pictured: Suzy and Smithdon students)

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