The Fire Cadets are recruiting

The Fire Cadets are recruiting

The Hunstanton fire cadets opened their doors to the public recently for an insight in Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service and to show exactly what it means to be in a fire cadet unit.

There were great activities on offer where children and adults were able to get involved, from running out fire hoses to extinguish a simulated fire, to throwing a rescue line to retrieve a casualty.

Watch Manager Guy Tavener said: “The fire cadets took centre stage three times with drills where they performed a rescue from height with ladders, they put out a mock fire and rescued a casualty using hoses and breathing apparatus, and then to top it off a fine display of a roof removal on a car.

“They had planned the day to recruit new cadets into their unit. Everyone who attended had said they had enjoyed themselves and were very impressed with just how much the fire cadets could do.”

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Currently the Hunstanton fire cadet unit is actively recruiting new fire cadets. With the summer coming up we’ve been told there will be plenty of new and exciting opportunities ahead. If you have in your family or friends a member 13 to 17 that would like to know more then use this QR code. Or visit Hunstanton Fire Station on a Tuesday 18:30 – 20:30 which is their weekly training session.

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