SWAG: a treasure to experience in Snettisham

SWAG: a treasure to experience in Snettisham

Locals gather for the Snettisham Wednesday Afternoon Get-together - and say more of the same please!

With the successful launch of SWAG event in April and the very positive feedback from the May SWAG event, at the Snettisham Royal British Legion Hall, the “fourth Wednesday of the month” is fast becoming a date not to be missed as a regular monthly event in Snettisham.

With some 30 attendees enjoying the social and chatty atmosphere, as well as opportunities to play card games, dominoes, cribbage, scrabble, shove halfpenny or floor games such as of Skittles and Hoopla, or in fact just to sit with old and new friends enjoying a cuppa and a chat, the general view was everyone was happy, had a wonderful time and looked forward to the next SWAG...with feedback of “more of the same please”.

WEB chat

Wheelchair bound widower, Rod Forster, a SWAG enthusiast was delighted that he now had something to look forward to, “other than his four walls at home!”, and had made new friends, some of whom now dropped in to see him at home.

Ann Kirk thought it a great event to catch up on things with friends while her husband John confessed SWAG had been a fair exchange for working in his garden. Roy Collins, and his wife Maureen, liked the opportunity to mix with different friends in different activities whilst still enjoying being together at the event.

Eric Langford, SWAG joint organiser, said it was an absolute delight to attend SWAG, as he recalled watching a demure lady playing Hoopla and “fisting the air in triumph” when scoring two “25 points” in a row. The overall positive vibe in the Hall was infectious and helped promote an air of happiness all round all SWAG participants. Still very popular are the “part finished” jigsaw challenges for individuals / couples to complete as well as “word search” puzzles.

WEB puzzle

Entry is free so please come along and enjoy biscuits and a “cuppa”, as well as the opportunity for a nice social chat amongst good company.

The next SWAG events will take place at 2pm – 4pm on Wednesday, 28th June, and on Wednesday 26th July, at the Royal British Legion Hall, Church Road, Snettisham.

Thereafter on each fourth Wednesday of the month.

Please contact joint organisers:

Eric 01485 541515 or June Barrett 07783 318621 for mo

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