Sunshine - West Norfolk's answer for soaring energy bills?

Sunshine - West Norfolk's answer for soaring energy bills?
Could a group buying scheme help you go greener and reduce bills with solar energy?

Residents are invited to come together in a group-buying scheme for solar panels and battery storage.

A new initiative to help boost local renewable energy generation, cut carbon emissions, and save on energy bills is being promoted by the Borough Council which is working with iChoosr to promote Solar Together in this area.

Solar Together Norfolk ( helps homeowners feel confident that they are paying the right price for a high-quality installation from pre-approved installers. It has worked with 160 UK local authorities on its collective energy switching schemes delivering over 7,000 installations and over 130,000 tonnes of avoided lifetime carbon emissions over the last four years.

West Norfolk residents can now join the group-buying scheme which offers solar panels with optional battery storage and EV charge points, as well as retrofit battery storage for residents who have already invested in solar panels and are looking to get more from the renewable energy they generate as well as increase their independence from the grid. Letters will be sent out to homeowners from 5 September highlighting this scheme.

It is free to register and there is no obligation to go ahead with an installation. The borough council is working in partnership with other Norfolk district councils and independent experts iChoosr, to make the transition to clean energy as cost effective and hassle-free as possible.

Cllr Paul Kunes, Cabinet member for Environment and CO2 reduction said: “We have a deep and firm commitment to taking actions that will reduce our own impact on the environment and support others to do the same. 

“The more people that participate, the better the price we can secure and the more renewable energy will be generated by west Norfolk residents.

“I urge homeowners to register for free and without obligation online before the deadline of 27 September 2022.”

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As well as registering online, residents can email or call 0800 086 8960 for more information. Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm.

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