Staying safe this Halloween

Staying safe this Halloween

Halloween has arrived and tomorrow evening children will be heading to the streets for the annual tradition of trick or treating.

To avoid a day of spooky fun developing into a real life nightmare, we’ve outlined a few tips to keep festivities safe for everyone.

  • Ensure younger children are accompanied by a chaperone over the age of 16, particularly if they are under 12.
  • Wear reflective clothing so they can be seen and stick to well-lit areas and are off the road – it is also a good idea to carry a light source such as a torch or mobile phone.
  • Fancy dress costumes can be made from highly flammable material - ensure costumes have a CE marking, buy from reputable places and check safety instructions.
  • Make sure children can see out of any masks (face paint is a good alternative) and check for any draping bits of costume that pose a trip hazard.
  • Practice pumpkin safety – instead of naked flames, use electric candles or candles, or an alternative to carving is decorating with markers and glitters instead.

For those not observing the tradition, be mindful of excitable children and drive slowly through residential areas and be mindful of children crossing the road.

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