Spreading a ray of light

Spreading a ray of light

Beacons of light are shining each evening between 4pm and 9pm at Snettisham Church illuminating the spire in a range of colours and effects that can be seen from around the village.

A collaboration between the Church and Matt Hallard’s local events company Resort Entertainments Events saw the equipment installed on 11th December and the show launched on Sunday 13th when the spire was turned blue in recognition of the NHS and front-line workers in the village before turning green on 15th and 16th in recognition of the carers and volunteers.

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Church Warden Andy Gee said: “With all the challenges that the village has faced over this year and with still a level of uncertainty for some, we at St. Mary’s thought it would be good idea if we could turn the church into a beacon on the hill (literally) as a reflection of Hope and light for 2021.

“We had meeting with Matt and he took my initial idea and ran with it and his experience and passion is sure to show when the full program launches after the two days of green for carers.

“The hope is that families will walk up to the church to watch the display (though it will be quite visible from most areas of the village) and feel a sense Comfort and Joy this season; this is our way of spreading a ray of light for the Village and surrounding areas.

“We owe a massive vote of thanks to the local businesses and benefactors who have been so generous with their donations and support to help make this happen at such short notice.”

The whole event will run for three weeks up to the 1st January.

Matt Hallard can be contacted at matt@resortentertainments.co.uk or 07388 014003

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